Saturday 4th September – bizou bizou! Love you Maubauguet!

Up early and organised to catch our train at 10.20am we breakfast with the family.

I give Marco my whale bone tiki. I had told them about ‘Tiki Tour’ which is the name of the blog I have for the grandchildren as I have taken pics of dogs and things children will be interested in. I explain the tiki is something people may wear as a symbol of NZ and perhaps something that will protect us as we travel and see we return home safely.

I have Sent from my iPad

Marco disappears for a bit and returns with a bag of goodies we are to have for a picnic on the train. It contains a feast for several people with crusty bread and pizza bread, lots of different kinds of salami. Wow! Sandra is pressing juice and water on us so we don’t need a single thing!

Now we must go, but first a photo or ten and as we hug goodbye Sandra has tears. Marco asked me if we are disappointed we have missed Paris the other day and I told him staying here with his family is ten times better than Paris for us. We can’t be everywhere, but if we must choose, this part of the trip has been a special highlight. We drive through his beautiful village with the cafe chairs glinting in the morning sun awaiting their customers, shutters still shut as its Saturday remember and we kiss goodbye the sleepy village we have been privileged to meet.

Marco tells us today is a day of ‘big emotion’ and walks us right to the door of the train before we hug once more. I’m very sad to be leaving Maubauguet. Bizou, bizou! We look forward to seeing you again Marco!

View from the train…

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3 Responses to Saturday 4th September – bizou bizou! Love you Maubauguet!

  1. renanopolis says:

    I’m happy you gave Marco your tiki Mum and I love those photos, he’s wearing my tshirt! 🙂 and I agree, that experiences like these with special people far outweigh seeing the sights! Bizou bizou!

    • figsforfree says:

      I forgot to tell you Marco said it’s normally biz, biz. Unless you are very close or maybe girl friend and boy friend. We laughed and then when we left he said tell ren I said bizou, bizou! With a cheeky grin. He was very humbled to receive the tiki and it was a perfect gift for him.

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