Monday 22nd September – Gilbert’s going to have kittens when he see what I got for supper!

We headed off after breakfast to the market place. Six days of the week it’s flowers at one end and food at the other. Heaps of stalls with fruit, veg, cheese and deli items for starters, but Monday its antiques along the whole row. We have so little room in our bags it seems ridiculous to even look, but we love fossicking in second hand shops no matter where in the world we are.

I’m tempted too! Apart from the vintage clothes and jewellery, there’s beautiful silks and embroidered linens and even crocheted doilies. There’s rugs and furniture and light fittings in fact pretty much everything you can think of. I’d say 500 stands at a guess. We don’t even see it all. Stuffs not cheap tho. I spy a very cool looking old large key and see 85 euro on the tag which is ridiculous, but then see its attached to the actual lock mechanism so maybe ok. Most stuff though is definitely not old, and definitely overpriced. It’s hot and packed in here and we decide not to do the last bit but sit with a beer at ‘Ma Nolan’s Irish pub’ before heading to a museum we’ve passed a couple of times. The museum has a couple of exhibitions on with some beautiful oil paintings but everything’s in French and I don’t recognise any names. It’s held in an historic house and that’s just as interesting to wander through on its own.

What a neat idea! We come across a large strip of green space in the middle of the buildings and people are walking dogs and pushing pushchairs. This is a sensor activated spray and a very light spray comes up so you feel a little damp after walking through, which is awesome on a hot day like today. The are many dogs being walked here but no dogs are allowed beach access. This is great as these people are HOPELESS at picking up their dogs poo. When we head out in the morning there is poo everywhere, all over the footpath and it’s often been stepped in and smeared everywhere. It’s pretty gross and while we saw dogs being walked in other countries, most owners seem to be picking it up, but that’s not happening here, so pretty glad they’re not allowed on beach.

A more formal part of the park and there’s that Phoenix Italia again. I think this piece is called ‘Three Graces’ ! The park is being developed around patches of green space that is being connected up so lots of lovely seats in shady and relaxing areas. When its completed it will be around 12 hectares. From here we wandered on down to the beach and made ourselves a nest in the rocks and tried to settle in to warm up before dipping. Gilbert fell straight into a deep snoring sleep while I dozed. Lots more in the water today with it not so rough. Lots of women topless, men reading the paper or talking on phones and children making rock castles 🙂

Five Aussie boys sat in front of us and it made for some entertaining listening as they dissected the night before and planned the week ahead. Cannes tomorrow, Monte Carlo next day.
“do you think all these rocks make the water colder or hotter?” One asked the other.

We left the beach and headed home. It’s about a 20 minute walk but we stopped at a supermarket for a couple of things and at a cafe. We have a budget that we are keeping a bit of an eye on. We blow it some weeks and skimp on others trying to keep in check but are living it up mostly. Having the apartment makes it a lot easier to spend less. The restaurants etc are expensive and while we spent 65 euro at the supermarket other day, it fed us for five days luxuriously. We spent 40 odd euros on one average dinner other night, so this is the way to go for sure. It is fine to eat out every night when you’re on holiday but this time frame changes the bottom line drastically!

Decided as it was close to seven I couldn’t be bothered cooking. I chose a couple of large Bruschetta and a pastry that was filled with tomatoes and Cheese to go with a fresh salad I would throw together, and then spotted this. Gilbert’s going to have kittens when he sees this for supper! Whole lot cost 12 euro so not bad for dinner.

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3 Responses to Monday 22nd September – Gilbert’s going to have kittens when he see what I got for supper!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Cool day, it’s a hard life, what even is that??

  2. Graham says:

    MAY psy to think of buying the odd item and sending it home T, i have regretted not doing that on many occasion, about the only thing i recall doing with that was a cuckoo clock from Germany for Mum
    enjoy/ing your folks time, as usual

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