Saturday 20th September – we meet Joan and Ger at the Irish Pub

Leaving the walking tour we decide to head to the beach. It’s pretty hot and I’m desperate for a swim. The rocks are no fun though and the water is colder than I expect so it’s a relatively quick dip. Two steps in and you can’t touch the bottom. The water is pretty salty still and with quite big rolling waves quite strongly pushing us into shore, back onto the rocks 🙂

We’re a bit lucky cause there’s a yacht regatta on this weekend so we are treated to the lovely view of different sized yachts tripping back and forward, speed boats up and down, people being ballooned up and towed, as well as cruise ships and car ferries coming into the port that’s at far left, so a busy little bay.

There’s a couple of noticeable differences here and it may just be a local thing but the woman are slimmer. I’m probably in the 97th percentile now. Whoops! And hardly anyone is smoking. We’re not knee deep in butts which is nice.

We stayed at the beach until about 3pm and then head to visit an historic home that houses the second largest exhibition of musical instruments in France. It’s the first time I have seen a vielle or what is also called the ‘hurdy gurdy’ which is pretty cool looking thing. Interesting seeing a house from 17th century France. Huge difference to what we’ve seen in UK.

Speaking of the UK we head onto the Irish Pub after coming out of the historic house and I am really ready for a beer. We decide to sit down outside and at the table next to us is this lovely couple pictured below. I heard an English word or two so I lean over and ask if they could pass one of the menus over. We’ve decided we are going to have a snack as well and this will be dinner as we haven’t eaten since breakfast. Joan and Ger are relaxing after having come in last night from Ireland and we spend the next few hours getting to know one another. What a lovely couple they are. By the time we part company to find some food we have discussed traveling with less, the state of the nations, rugbys past, present and future, and the possibility of meeting for a hurling game on Sky next weekend. Not just any hurling game mind. THE decider and it’s pretty important. We swap email details and stagger off to find food but are about five minutes away when we realise we didn’t blimmin pay for our drinks so head back to the bar. I find the girl, who can’t believe we have come back to pay, and discover there’s just a little owing as Ger paid for one round. Thanks guys that was lovely.

Oh but where to eat? The place is choka full of eateries and all look pretty good. We sit and have a delicious meal with a piano accordian in the back ground. It’s a beautiful evening and we feel a whole lot better with food on that beer and take the half hour walk back to our flat. Which is a great way to end the night. Bonsoir!

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One Response to Saturday 20th September – we meet Joan and Ger at the Irish Pub

  1. renanopolis says:

    Cool day! Nice to see you making friends 🙂 hehe hope you invited them to New Zealand! 🙂

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