Friday 19th September – We walk down to the Côte d’Azur

This is how lazy I have been. Never have my nails looked like this. Not even for our wedding day! I’ve just filed them back and may even cut some more off as they are a bit of a pain.

Weather been just a little unsettled but not bad despite CNNs rain forecast. A pretty relaxing couple of days save a couple of hours exploring again this afternoon. Today we have watched a movie and Game of Thrones. Skyped with Monies girls for an hour and heard all about calf club day tomorrow and walked to the sea…or the Côte d’Azur…. or the French Riviera, and it’s very nice, tho not pretty or quaint like Bonassola, or have the raw beauty of Brac. The city comes right to the shore 😦 The pebbles are quite hard on your feet but you can rent a chair and umbrella for the day. Chairs 18-20euro and umbrella 6euro each. So 46 or about NZ$70 for a day and only slightly less for a half day. I know!

Noticing the shop names as Boulangerie, chocolaterie, sandwhicherie and even tarterie. Get out spell check….It’s exactly what I mean. Stupid spell check changed baguettes for banquettes yesterday. Blimmin heck, making me look stupid!

When shopping was looking for eggs and poof the word came into my head, oeuf. Gilbert picked up something that looked like it might be butter and I said hmm it should say buerre and sure enough we found it. The one he had must have been margarine. Oh imagine if I’d practised some. Went into a shop to buy some buns and the girl played the game for a little and then said in perfect English. “But do you want it here or takeaway?” Haha! It’s all good.

But I will concede on the ‘bit stupid’ stakes…woke to the early morning sun last two mornings and thought geez, wish this place had curtains, only to remember today when I opened the windows to show the girls ‘France’ that there were shutters there. You close those at night outside the windows. What a good idea!

I thought of Mum today. Not that I don’t think of her most days actually but especially on Fridays as that was our Friday night dinner day when we met at her place for takeaways, but mostly I think of her when I see flowers. I have her to thank that I can recognise so many plants on our travels. In pretty Bonassola there were beautiful ‘end of summer’ gardens just full of flowers and as we walked past I’d recognise the hydrangea, delphiniums, roses, lavenders just to start, but here was the one that bought a tear to my eye today. The bourganvillea. We had one at home rambling over the old car shed but it was the mauve colour with extra long thorns. It was a brute and caught us many a time right through our childhood trying to walk the path. It was stunningly beautiful when flowering and Mum wrestled with that thing trying to keep it in line for years. I will plant one at home if I can get a thornless kind like this one.

And so passes another day. Au revoir mes amis.
Spell check…. Leave it alone!

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One Response to Friday 19th September – We walk down to the Côte d’Azur

  1. renanopolis says:

    Lovely about Nana xxx

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