Saturday 13th September

This Column celebrates the victory of annexing what is now Romania, the story is depicted in the spiralling sculpture up the column. The detail is superb and yep the sky was THAT blue today.

We’ve seen heaps of newly weds at the different venues around the place. Interesting that they’ve only been a photographer and bride and groom. No attendants like we would have.

We thought we’d come across an old building that wasn’t that important but as we made our way around it discovered the front was huge and it was the Pantheon. Literally thousands wandering around the front, tour groups with headsets all looking skywards and the price of ice creams just doubled! On the back side we saw where the marble has been stripped away in places exposing the old boring brick that was behind most of these marble facades.

We walked for miles today and then sat in the shade for a while just people watching when we noticed this suddenly go up.

Intrigued we watched as they wiggled and squiggled inside for a good ten minutes and then Voilá! The fabric was pulled off and we had this. There’s quite a bit of street theatre around, as we saw in other main centres. Same costumes too. Maybe they buy them off the internet or just copy but seems to me they should be doing ones that relate to their own area. Or is that boring?

By three pm we’re pretty tired and decide a siesta is sensible especially as we have an apartment just down the road and I fall onto the bed and sleep till five which astounds me as I didn’t even wake until 9am this morning!

At 6pm we wander off in search of dinner. Gilbert had been hankering for a Chinese meal and I jokingly said maybe I will face book Jack and Rob and ask them where that one was they went to cause we haven’t seen any in the five days we have been here. Then lo and behold we turn the corner and there’s a sign, right beside the Trevi fountain. ‘Chinese Food 50 metres’ with an arrow. Gilbert’s lucky day so we head off, get seated, sip our tea as we wait for the banquet for him and noodles for me. It’s not quite as good as we’d hoped, but OK. As we leave Gilbert says to me, “where’s that sign, I want to write on it …’not worth it'” Haha!

More wandering and the streets are now alive with traders and buskers strutting their stuff. The big thing out right now is the extenda arm for taking selfies. We thought it was hilarious when we saw the first one in Dubrovnik but here every second person has one. Roses thrust into faces of the young couples. Scarves. Handbags. Trinkets and souvenirs. It’s been great Rome. I loved the history stuff too. We board a train for La Spezia soon. On our way to Cinq Terre.


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