Saturday 9th September – Rakia v Kahlua to kill the bugs

We were told last night that tonight would be a special ‘Welcome’ dinner. It seems we entered the cruise halfway and a few nights ago we wondered why everyone was dressed extra special. We were casual as usual. Turns out it was a farewell dinner. Flippin forgot to read the memo! So we need to be dressed a bit nicer for this welcome dinner it appears.

Gilbert had chosen two light weight shirts for the trip, both identical, so even tho he has two shirts and one pair of trousers to choose from, he looks the same each night. We’d been lolling around sunbathing all day apart from the odd roll around in the water to cool off. After a shower Gilbert says “oh that’s right were supposed to dress up tonight for the special dinner…” We are both giggling as he’s thinking about which shirt to wear. “Well I think I’ll crack out the nighty tonight” I say. “Seeing as it’s a special dinner”

The food has been ‘too superb if that’s possible. Evening meal is Appetiser, Entre, Main, a salad, cheese board and dessert. Even tho they are relatively small servings it’s bloody hard and most nights we can barely manage half of each serving to get through it all. Especially with afternoon cocktails. pre dinner drinks, a red and a white for me and coffee with Kahlua after dessert. We are half way thru the cruise and for health and safety reasons we decide we must limit ourselves and so have decided to limit breakfast and cut out lunch, failing that we will possibly explode. It would be pretty funny to weigh people as they got on and got off. No it wouldn’t….

At the risk of making you all sick here’s a couple of shots. This is the back pool area when it’s pretty quiet. Roof goes back in the middle of the day so we have full exposure and roast like turkey’s being basted with suntan oils applied. On the right is the jacuzzis. We were in them at 8.30 am yesterday. On the left is the bar area where you can sit up but the wait staff are very attentive and no need to move tho I often return glasses to them or go to the bar. Gotta get some exercise.

They love us kiwis and one girl told me yesterday in four years of working cruises she hasn’t met a NZr and that they are all talking about us. “Have you met the NZrs yet, aren’t they nice, they’re so smiley” oh that’s nice! Gilbert and I often sit in the shade. Just looking at some of these baked mamas remind me how bad the sun can be but we’re already pretty tanned. Don’t need to be black!

This one shows the buffet service. Pretty much open all day only closing for 20 minutes as they switch from breakfast menu to lunch etc. One of about seven different places to get almost anything you could think of. The hardest thing is to not eat too much. It’s all beautiful. God help me!

This little cutie was leaning on Gilbert while he played games on an iph.
So I’ll sign off before you vomit. If it’s any consolation some dickhead sneezed heaps in the lift a couple of days ago without covering his nose and I tried hard not to breathe but we both woke this am with sore throats. I’m going to go easy on the cocktails today. Just going to get Kahluas and gargle. Be good to have some Rakia now… That’ll kill the bugs!

Back to the pool. Talk soon!

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