Just cruising

Cruising is not my favourite way to holiday by any means but it is interesting and the families are having a ball. There are lots of family groups. Kids are dancing up a storm and the parents love it. The dance floor is often busy with mums and dads with their children or just children. About seven different dance floors with different kinds of music but mostly all in Italian and lots of tunes we don’t recognise, tho I did pick up a couple of Beatles pieces other night. We laughed last night thinking of the kids being here. Milan would be in his element. Wheri would be a princess out there for sure. Maire quietly doing her own thing not worrying about anyone else. The rest coming and going from their mums. We love just watching the kids!

No idea what day it is! But have arrived in Venice this morning. I woke with the normal gentle rock of the ship and was dozing when I heard a soft call from church bells. I lay digesting this when I realised this came from land and sat up and pulled back our curtains to find we were moving slowly forward to dock in Venice.

So here’s my first view. It’s beautiful and the colours so soft in the morning light with the water lapping right to the buildings. We know this is so, but a treat to wake to nonetheless. We are going on a romantic gondola tour today with a few hundred other people. Three thousand leave the cruise today and another three thousand get on. Amazing aye! It works like clockwork and it’s never felt like a push or shove at any time.

We were supposed to share the Gondola guy with four others but everyone jumped in ahead of us and there was just us two left at the end. Nice! The Gondola ride is kind’ve a must as you meander down alleyways and hotel and restaurant entrance ways. You see housewives smoking and chatting on small canal bridges that the Gondola driver must duck under and not all back alleys smell pleasant.

The weather was much cooler than normal in Istanbul, but perfect for us. Off here in Venice I have a light jacket on. It’s a lovely perhaps 22 to 24 degrees. No complaints and couldn’t be better as I hate the heat. Tempting to go shopping but this is one of the most expensive places to buy in Italy. We sat for coffee thinking we would use the free wifi and as we perused the menu we saw 6euro pp to cover the music to start and 9euro for coffee each. So more than $20 for a coffee each. No thanks buddy we thought before ordering, as we slipped away while our waiter was attending someone else. Lucky I’m a small print reader! People are buying like crazy. Leather shoes and handbags, silk scarves and cashmere coats not to mention perfume and jewellery…and lots of these being purchased.

I thought hard about it, (not) and thought it would be a bit like the masks we bought on our honeymoon in Fiji but I guess the mask shouts ‘Venicia!’

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