A sneak peak in a doorway in Venice

A sneak peak in a doorway…

A hotel doorway of course…

I’ve always loved glass and the Venetian and Murano glass is pulling me in to drool over the colours.

This is the square and clock tower where millions of pigeons are hand fed by tourists. This is against the rules but how do you stop thousands of people? The pigeons are so tame they will literally swarm you and sit all over you if there is so much a hint of bread going. The buildings of course are covered in bird shit.

This is the clock tower and the figures on top take turns to dong the bell at the hour which is pretty cool. Very similar to Dubrovnik. The winged lion below it has a special meaning that Lindy knows. She was waiting for us in Korčula and wandering the streets found herself behind an English speaking tour guide and so eavesdropped for a while. When Gilbert and I arrived she took us on a ‘tour’ and she never got lost once. In fact her ‘bearings’ improved throughout the holiday. Many times she knew ‘the way’. Back to the lion. He has a book and when it is open or closed it either means war or peace. Come on Lindy tell us which it is. I can’t remember!

…And so we have got back to the cruise ship. We took a two hour walk across the city instead of the water taxi. It was good to stretch our legs and wander some back streets. Thank goodness for GPS. It has given us more freedom. Straight in the door, and greeted as the two New Zealanders. People always comment on what nice passports we have. We are probably the only two kiwis as everyone seems to remember us. A Mai tai in hand I finish writing with a guitar duo playing close by and three thousand new ship passengers wander wide eyed on board. Maybe with all these new bees well get a lounger by the pool tomorrow?

Talk soon!

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