Monday/ Tuesday 1st or 2nd September – next stop is Corfu

I was going to get a shot of the cruise ship Costa Magica as we boarded for my first post but figured there’d be heaps of opportunities and the usual daily posts. I was wrong. If you are wondering where we are…It’s because wifi on the ship costs 20 euro (about $32nz) per hour purchased in 3 hour lots. Way too expensive!

So no photos for until we’re back on shore. Next stop is Corfu.

The cruise ship is mostly Italian. With 3,400 passengers we are only two of 150 English speakers and we haven’t met any others yet. We have an English speaking Italian hostess who explains everything to us but we are definitely the aliens here. The Italians are loud and demonstrative and make for interesting watching. Especially the children and their parents! The men come out early bronzed bodies, gold chains and save the deck chairs and loungers. The women come out bronzed, dripping in gold and diamantĂ©, right to their sandals.

Tons of beautiful food available all day, we are skipping breakfast as there’s only so much time in a day and only so much you can eat. We signed up for an all you can drink package. Beers, wine, spirits, juices, coffees, cocktails and at the listed prices if we just have six different drinks a day, and that’s not hard. We calculate we save about a hundred euro each over the trip with this package…and this is why we are sipping a banana colada at 10 am poolside, reading books. The most taxing thing we have done is come down early enough to nab a lounger.

Oh there’s a running track, a gym, saunas and massages and if we want entertainment, there’s 6 or 7 different bars we can sit at. Bingo, games sessions and a show in the theatre every night.

Gilbert’s bought me a lunch plate so we don’t lose our chairs. He’s chosen me all the things he loves. Deep fried chips, sausages, burger patties, pastries filled with cheese, meat, or cheese AND meat. He has also half filled my plate with salad and coleslaw and topped with breads. I take a nibble from each, order another coffee and collect a glass of iced water for us each. But I just need something else and there it is. Under a sign that says ‘healthy food’ I spy bowls of fresh fruit cut up and sweet pastries. Gilbert’s cleaned up all his fried stuff and says he’ll forgo the sweets. He’s being careful not to over eat.

I have visited the library here also and chosen a book to read. A real book. I have a kindle and it’s good, but the weight of the paperback in my hand, the texture of the paper as I finger the pages and the turn of each is a simple pleasure I have missed. It’s funny how different reading a book is. Anticipating the story as I read the back preview. Being able to flick back to the front or the end easily. Maybe I’m not at ease with the kindle yet but I’m enjoying the ‘book’ experience and the story is enough to hold my attention and to draw me back in…and so now I must go, the story awaits!

Talk soon and maybe next time with pictures.

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