Thursday 28th August-Turkish delights

WOW! The colour and noise and people and the heat and the food. After a day out there Gilbert turned to me and said I think I just went into overload. He wasn’t joking and I know exactly how he felt. Our first evening we dropped our bags and headed out just for a nosy. I was a bit worried we’d get lost as the taxi turned and careered up so many different alleyways and streets getting us there. The Aircon in the car stopped and as we began to melt I wondered how we’d cope out in amongst it. Round and in and out we went. He was dodging people and buses and rubbish bins. Street layout that probably just ‘grew’ over the centuries. If we thought Croatia was busy this was another whole new dimension of crazy.

Part of the trouble was so many shops looked the same. A “Hello” at every turn but not intense pressure like Thailand. It was congenial and friendly. “Come spend your money in my shop” It was like a maze and if it wasn’t for GPS tracker on the phone it would take a few days to get our bearings I’m sure.

How I would love to buy some of this! The colours are amazing. I’m very tempted to talk about getting something sent home and keep trying to run my mantra through my head. ‘It’s not about the material items…it’s about the people and the experiences’

We both were feeling quite tired and not really hungry. Gilbert had a beer and chips and I an omelette. However when I saw this tray of choice I picked just a nibble size of the honey nutty thing and baklava. So yummy. I think it could be good for you with all that honey and nuts?
We came back to the hotel and would have fallen into a peaceful slumber if only the hotel Aircon worked. We had asked someone to look at it as we left for our walk but it was no better and Gilbert demanded someone come back to look again. The girl who looked the first time must have anticipated trouble and called out to us as we returned offering me a free massage. I said I’d see as Gilbert had threatened moving hotels if they didn’t sort it.

About an hour later a big guy knocked on the door and came in saying there was nothing wrong with it. We just must be used to the cold. Gilbert was in shorts only. He was quite confrontational and ended up saying it was about the same temperature as outside and we should maybe open the window and let some cool air from outside in. Jeepers. Was he kidding! Gilbert said we would move hotels as that wasn’t good enough. Then he said he would get their head technician in the morning in. I bloody hoped that would work.

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