Tuesday 26th August – In the words of Eddie Izard. ‘Cake or Death’

Samobor is a pretty little town just out of Zagreb and Zarko and Mirjana text to say they will collect us and off we go to Samobor. I show them my dress and tell them it’s a little tight but it will be ok as no more cake. There is the ruins of a huge Castle there and a good climb of about a half hour so some good exercise. Yaya. This is good!

This shot is just before we leave the town after our walk. However just before we start we sit for coffee and lo and behold Zarko orders two different kinds of cake. He tells us after it is ordered that we have to try these two specialties of the region. One is a bit like Creme Brûlée. The second is layered apple and walnuts. Both are delicious and I can tell you Croatia has no portion control. Everything is BIG! But just as these arrive he presents us with a container of two other ‘special’ kinds of cake. Maybe I went into some kind of diabetic shock as now as I write I can’t remember the first special one at all. I’m sorry Zarko, but the second kind is made by a good friend of his. Similar to a strudel but made with just the best ingredients and filling, and boy these are special. One is cherry filled and the other is apricot… And yes we did eat them all up! I said to Gilbert quietly, this is Ok. This is dinner so a lovely walk and… No more cake. We can do it.

We head to the Castle ruins and the view is fantastic and we spend time exploring every nook and cranny we can find.

Fabulous and full we head back to the city only to find we are not going straight home. Oh no no no, it is only 8.30pm. No we are going to show you something special and we drive to a lake which just happens to have a lovely restaurant that specialises in BBQ meat meals. I must admit I’m a little horrified at the prospect of a full meal here and Gilbert and I decide we will share a meal and I get a small salad. They can’t quite get their head around not eating but Zarko and Mirjana are fine. They tell us in great excitement they have put cake for us in the fridge for our breakfast too. Haha!

Excuse me? Did you say cake in our fridge? Yes! Mirjana is over the moon at the how funny this is. She has popped it in while we weren’t looking and it’s there all ready for us to eat before we go to the airport. Chocolate and meringues and ….it’s our fault I realise as we laughingly told them we ate cake for breakfast. They must think this is what we want!

“Mirjana I just told you I put on four kilos and can’t fit the dress” I say with some firmness. “Aha”, she nods with her cheeky eyes, “but I think, what is a holiday if you can’t eat cake when you want to” and laughs.

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One Response to Tuesday 26th August – In the words of Eddie Izard. ‘Cake or Death’

  1. renanopolis says:

    HHhahahahahahHahaha fabulous!

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