Tuesday 26th August – Croatia’s donation. So kind!

Established in 1898 the Art Pavilion was originally designed and built in Budepest for its millennium exhibition there. Built to be moved, it was relocated and stands as the oldest gallery in Southeast Europe and the only purpose-built gallery in Zagreb designed specifically to accommodate large scale exhibitions. The building itself was exquisite inside and out. We looked at ‘The unknown Zagreb’ by photographer Marija Braut and thought of you today Charles. Gilbert talked about remembering you working hard with your negatives to achieve just the right light. Some beautiful photographs here.

A little further on we went to the posta to pay our parking fine. They have a system where you tap on the screen for the thing you want. I had no idea as no English but a guy saw the ticket in my hand and showed me it was A for paying fines. Does that mean it’s the most common thing?
So you tap on the A and a card comes out with a code on it. So everyone with an A is paying fines. Hmmm. No secrets here. Then you sit down and wait until your code comes up on a board and then go to that teller and pay. I think it’s a good idea. Comfy chair. No queues. Wait till you’re called and she already knows you are paying a fine so no explanations. Simple!

Walking back from there I say to Gilbert “hey look, that’s my shop”!

And best thing I’m just across the road from Renny who is selling tourist tat…we can meet for lunch Renny!

A few more steps and I spy a vintage store so wander down to nosy in there and find a gorgeous jersey knit dress in the coolest colours and it fits. Well it would have fit if Croatia hadn’t donated four kilos to me over the last month, but I buy it anyway. We’ve tried hard to not waste anything and eaten the last cakes for breakfast. Thank goodness they won’t tempt us any more, I say as we put the last wrapping into the bin this morning. From now we’re going to eat less and more healthier we vow as we headed out. Walked for about an hour and decide a little snack would be good and as we happen to be right beside a bakery that seemed to be a good option. We buy a slice of pizza for me (ok it was a 1/4), a meat pastry for Gilbert, and two sweet pastries for afters with a juice and a coffee, cause we didn’t really have breakfast. Just cake. They probably won’t have much food on that cruise ship either, Gilbert says as we walk out. All that only cost $10nz. It’s pretty cheap eating here.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 26th August – Croatia’s donation. So kind!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hahaha all that eating and reasoning sounds very familiar!

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