Monday 25th August- a short ride in a fununcular car.

Well I assume the others got away on their homeward journey this morning okay. We had a very lazy day. I slept in, tidied out my bags and discovered I’d not given Lindy my boots…Arrrggghhh! No way I’m carrying these babies home, so will dispose of them some way.

Weather is not so hot, perfect for walking, and we’ve had a lovely walk to the main square to meet Mirjana. This is what it looks like at 6pm and it’s getting busier. Lots of meet and greet. Tour groups walking through and stopping for commentary. Sun just setting across the buildings facade. Trams running through with heaps on and off. It’s a wonderful place to people watch. Turns out Zarko is standing a few steps away from us for about ten minutes. That’s how busy it got!

It’s amazing how things change. I’m quite used to the smell of smoke now. Tolerance levels. People sit beside you eating and just light up, no problem. We try to position ourselves down wind at outside edge if we can but don’t always have a choice.

We went on to St Marks Church. Well known because of its roof tile patterns and is always featured in Croatian tourist brochures.

We walked and this is the view from upper town. Easily got to by fununcular car this is the shortest cable car, (didn’t think you knew what fununcular car mean’t!) in the world. We walked the steps cause we’re strong and cause Zarko’s dog wasn’t allowed in the fununcular car!

Walked with Zarko for about an hour and then met Mirjana at a private club they belong to. Food was delicious. Lucky we skipped lunch. Bad management that we ate cake for breakfast.

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