Sunday 24th August- play ground fun

I’m not sure if this is a cool sandpit idea or not. I was super excited when I first saw it but not sure now. I think all toys and equipment should have several ways of using it. Is this really just a climbing frame? We might need to make a smaller version of this and see what happens.

This had lots of children interacting. Connecting tubes and plumbing spouting etc. Instead of funnelling water down they were running tennis balls down so discussing heights and lengths.

No one was here but I think it’s a cool idea. Magnet strips were glued to the back of the plastic lids and pictures or words could be made on the magnet board. You could play tic tac toe and I’m sure other games.

They also had playhouses made out of straw and hay bales, balancing things among lots of other ideas for creating fun play environments at home for almost nothing. Awesome stuff!

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