Sunday 24th August- every bit needed attention

This morning I woke to find Tyson curled up on my pillow beside me, or at least that’s what I thought In the half light of the morning. But no it was Tyson’s stunt double.

We stayed in Mirjana’s flat last night and so babysat Tyson. He probably thinks HE was looking after US but this morning he wanted to know where breakfast was and I looked but couldn’t find it and then realised it might have been the toilet he was after. He bounced with excitement when he saw the leash and we headed out. I have never walked a dog to go toilet, but here there are heaps of people walking all sorts of dogs all hours of the day and night. Mostly little dogs as we are in the middle of apartment living, all on their fancy easy glide leash.

I thought I had control but if I tugged he crouched his back legs to let me know he wasn’t finished. He peed the second we got out the door and at first I thought “oh you poor wee thing” but it was just a tiny bit, and every car, every pole, every tuft of grass needed attention. A little here, a little there. We couldn’t miss a thing or he just kept crouching. About 30 metres down the road we hit a stretch of grass and I realised with horror it might be poos he was looking for a spot for and I didn’t have a pick up bag. Sure enough he did but lucky for me it was behind a big hydrant thingy and in the longer grass… and…when no one else was around, so I didn’t feel so bad.

Tyson is a pretty cute dog, doesn’t bark, unless asked, or be a bother in any way. We all were pretty taken with him and I think Tyson look a likes may be on the agenda in the future.

Lots of people have dogs and it’s not a problem to take them almost anywhere you go. Shopping, on trains and buses and cafés. Mostly small but some larger too. I have been taking photos of the different dogs we have seen, and posting to the children’s blog. I’m amazed that I usually see a different dog every day. It makes for easy filling of blog posts for six years old and under!

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