Saturday 23rd August – to market, to market, to buy a fat fig. Home again, home again jiggerty jig!

This morning we breakfasted with Mirjana before morning tead with Lindy and the girls and lunched with Tony and Duane. The morning farmers market where I got our figs. I’m going to miss these for sure.

Gilbert and I decided to fly to Istanbul for a few days and then take a Mediterranean cruise that takes in Greece and parts of Italy. I knew I would be sad to leave Croatia but this is really something to look forward to and a cool way to get to Italy. We end in Rome. All booked this am. Awesome!

We went shopping and then napped before tapas in Central Zagreb this evening. Very cool fun.
Laughed so hard Tony said it was bringing people off the street to see what was going on. What ever! Left there for another bar and Mirjana and Zarko ended up leaving us with address and keys. About midnight Tony and Duane got a taxi. Gilbert set co-pilot and we started walking. and Lindy and girls still at the bar. Probably took Tony 10 minutes and $5 to get home. Took Gilbert and I no $ and half an hour….Lindy? Probably still at the bar!

Nightlife on Saturday night is great. Taxis are cheap. Trams excellent. Felt very safe walking and heaps of little bars rather than big places. Got home with a little tiki tour. No problem!

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