Friday 22nd August – Gilbert and I have another idea…

Big open roads stretch before us with a speed limit of 130 as we trek inland on our way to Zagreb. We eat the worst meal we have had in Croatia, actually possibly on our whole time away and I’m not even going to tell you about it. It was that bad…but then it was a roadside cafe off the motorway so I guess 90% of the custom is not repeat. The lady in the seat behind us had a conversation with the waitress and body language and tone indicated a complaint but we had to laugh when waiting for our coffee, which was actually the only good part, we noticed at the bottom of the menu was written. “Complaints book at counter” well that says a lot!

Back on the road again and we are amazed at the tunnels here. Heaps of them. A couple are more than six kilometres long drilled through solid rock.

They have a toll system where you get a ticket as you get on the highway which has time started and there are toll booths for when you come off. It’s cost us about $20NZ at the toll booth. We traveled about 300 plus kilometres.

The road is much busier than last time we were on this highway and it is getting busier the closer we get to Zagreb. Everything bottle necks at the Zagreb exit and the last 2km takes us half an hour. Finally thru we find the car rental place easily enough and Mirjana collects us. Temperature has been dropping all the way and I’m wishing I had my cardi out of the boot.

Plan is to all meet Tony and Duane at their hotel 9am. From there we are going shopping but Gilbert and I have an idea…

Talk soon!

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