Thursday 21st August – we felt the first few drops heavy with the promise of a good fall…

I guess this would be one of the images most people take away from Zadar. It is St Donatus Church and the shape is so different to most others. Built in 9th century and an impressive sight lit up at night. Confiscated sometime in history it is now used as a concert venue because of its excellent acoustics. It’s only open for concerts so we didn’t get to see inside.

We did see inside this one though. Beautiful little St Peters and St Andrews Church which is now used as an exhibition space for a collective of five local artists. It started it’s life as one in the 9th century and got taken over and built around and became the new one sometime later. Can’t remember which way it went now but the jewellery was gorgeous and we have a little to prove it. I read an artists notice imploring people to enjoy the many shops but please check where it’s come from before you buy as there is a huge amount of goods imported from China now for sale.

Gilbert and I checked out the glass museum also which was interesting with beautiful pieces from roman times including some amazing miniature pieces that were so tiny it’s hard to believe it was useful. Apparently used for alms and special holy water. There were some large jars that sat inside earthen pots, containing body remains after a funereal pyre. This practise ended after Christianity and afterlife became part of the practice. It meant a significant amount remained intact as bottles of ointments etc to help the deceased in their afterlife also remained in the burial plot so easily exhumed. Seems a bit sad really I thought as I realised somebody’s ashes was in that pot.

This we sauntered along to after supper. When the new pier was built a sea organ was designed and built into the structure by way of tubes built into the steps that go down into the water. As the waves wash up and into the tubes the speed and amount of wave makes an eerily beautiful sound. A little like an orchestra tuning up but low mournful sounds. The little holes you can see allows the sounds to also whistle thru and this only adds to the orchestra like feel. It is a beautiful way to see the sunset and on our return were treated to another fantastic light display across the water with lightening streaking across lighting up huge drifts of sea. We felt the first few drops heavy with the promise of a good fall and hurried back just in time to witness it in full force from the balcony.

A fabulous way to end the day and our time at Zadar as we leave after breakfast.

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