Thursday 21st August – Romulus kills Remus

Fig trees are known in Zadar as the Queen of the Mediterranean. Greeks attributed it with power and strength feeding them to athletes and warriors and according to ancient Roman legend
Romulus and Remus were born under a fig tree. Legend has it they were abandoned as babies and a she wolf found them and suckled them until a shepherd found them with the wolf and took them and bought them up. They decided to found a city in their honour but fought as brothers do and in one battle Romulus killed Remus so he named the city in his name only. Rome. I knew this story well as a child.

This is a legend only but I tell it because when I looked up Zadar and read this it reminded me of the two dogs Dad came home with once. I doubt they were twins as they were as different as chalk and cheese in every way. Remus was a dark coloured Alsatian. Big strong boned and a tail that swept across your legs with a heavy thud. If the table was low enough he could clear it I a sweep. Mum quickly said Remus had to go outside. So While Remus did come inside he was an outside dog mostly. Rom however was small and lean with a tail that was bushy and curled up. He had a small pointy face and looked more like a fox. He soon became Dad’s favourite and he called him Romulus the fox. Having a surname like Antonievich which was a pain to spell out to others, Dad took on the name Mr Fox. F. O. X. We’d often hear him say that when on the phone with a grin. Rom went everywhere with Dad. Absolutely everywhere. He sat by Dad while he ate. Slept by his bed when he slept and traveled in his car or ute everywhere with him. In fact the day Dad died in a car accident Romulus was at his side and died with him. I remember thinking it was right that they died together. I only just found out last year that Michael had picked up Rom’s body at the accident site and he was buried at Michael and Raewyns.

So…we are still here in Zadar. It’s quite a tourist town. Filled with especially Italians it seems at every turn. Many bronzed body beautifuls dressed in 6inch heels and silk, looking like they’ve just stepped out of a Vogue magazine…and the men…the same without the heels, haha! Lots of attention to detail I can tell you. Some in contrast are overweight and sweating with cotton shirt stuck to back. Fan in hand. Not a dab of makeup and haven’t seen a razor for weeks! I think it’s always good to have diversity. The restaurants have moved their tables and chairs out to waterside and are gently trying to woo the masses under their umbrellas.

Our apartment is amazing and a bit like we joined the rich and famous for a few days. We are in an apartment block four stories up. We overlook the restaurants and the water, but huge trees shade the afternoon sun, so the apartment is by and large cool. Aircon when it isn’t. A three way door system to the balcony so we can have the glass doors shut to keep out the noise or the mosquito net rolled shut if they are a problem and/or the shuttered door shut or opened back depending on how much sun or air we want filtering in. Cane furniture and glassed railing at one end allow us a Birdseye view of the goings on and the music drifts up to us in the evening. Sumptuous furnishings, a ‘to die for’ fully equipped kitchen with full cupboards and fridge with ‘help yourself to anything’ echoing as our BnB host left, have been a treat too, but having Marinka and Holly spoiling us with their culinary skills has been the icing on the pastry.

Behind us is streets and streets of shops of every description. Museums and market places. Fancy eating restaurants or just buy a huge wedge of pizza for NZ$2. Good coffee cheap at NZ$1.50. Beautiful clothes or cheap market stuff. It’s all here and while we do have to sidestep the foot traffic, there is no ‘buy,buy,buy!’ hassle from stall holders with most happy to show without pressure. They actually thank you for looking.

Tonight we eat in once again and head out for coffee and supper. It feels like we died and went to heaven. Especially nice because we are sharing with Lindy and the girls and we are going to miss them when they go, tho I am also missing our little ones. Loving the videos and little messages the kids send, so keep them coming guys.

Talk soon!

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