Wednesday 20th August – Pancakes and lightening.

Today we ate Holly’s pancakes for breakfast….made with just banana and eggs. Topped with fresh fruit,nuts and Greek yoghurt.

We are now in Zardar. We slept, wandered around the markets and back to read and sleep. It’s been a lovely relaxing day and Holly and Marinka did a delicious chicken salad for dinner which we ate on the balcony with an amazing electrical storm. We watched the tropical rain that lasted for just 10 minutes. The restaurants cleaned out and we watched the whole thing from the balcony.

From this picture it went from pitch dark to this.

It’s been a fantastic day. Full of just relaxation. We’ve lined up a few bottles of red and white wines and then started on the Rakija. Lots of fun! Planning an island trip tomorrow.

Talk soon!

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One Response to Wednesday 20th August – Pancakes and lightening.

  1. Graham says:

    How Wonderful and warm it all sounds
    and here i was all these years assuming its a war raveged country
    Having Lindy and the girls, old enuf to cook and spoil you all with home cooked meals, sounds delightful;
    your folks holidays have only begun from the lovely but tiring travel
    Keep Well for the rest of the holiday/Travels everyone

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