Tuesday 19th August-note to myself

There are some things I should remember. Like…

1) Do not fall asleep in the sun.
Yesterday was beautiful. We had sun loungers on a piece of the Croatian Riviera and while we read and dozed and dipped, the sun beamed down on us, and there are some tender spots this morning. I don’t like using sunscreen as who knows what poisons are in that stuff and our skin is our biggest organ. I told Holly and Marinka this yesterday and they looked at me like I had said the govt was putting something in our toothpaste to keep us compliant. Haha! But I digress, I sometimes wonder if we are not making ourselves, our children, more susceptible to burn because we are not allowing the natural melatonin to develop. Did you know there is a concern for children now who have very low levels of vitamin D because they are not getting enough sun. I didn’t use sunscreen and failed to cover said tender spots, while I did the dozing bit. Dumb!

2) Drink more water.
I’m drinking quite a bit but I feel like I need more. It’s not my favourite drink. In fact it’s about 7 or 8 down the list. I hate coke and it comes just before that. In saying that a nice cold water is fabulous sometimes. It’s just not that nice most times. Lindy and I I watched in disbelief as hundreds put their heads under, gulped freely and filled their water bottles from the huge fountain inside the walled city in Dubrovnik. It was like they thought it had health giving properties or something. They didn’t seem to notice the row of fat pigeons perched on the top pooing straight into it. Did they think the birds were holding on? I also hate paying for water, which is silly. Especially here. So today I might buy water. I might try and drink a whole litre today.

3) Moisterise, Moisterise, Moisterise.
That is what the Dr told me once when he looked at my dry skin. My skin looks like a crocodiles. Lindy said if I was to hold some moisturiser just close to my legs we would hear the sound of a phone sending a text. Whoosh…as my skin sucked it up. I was always going to inherit crocodile skin and I knew this as a young girl too. I looked at Nanas which was almost paper thin and dry and Mums followed suit. Those genes I got, along with the dickey hip. I wondered when we had pre dinner drinks with bread and olives last night if I just drank olive oil, would I have great skin? Hmmm. In the meantime, Moisterise. Moisterise, Moisterise.

4) Don’t try and keep up with Lindy when she’s drinking…
or anyone of course. I’m usually good at this. I know my limit well, but last night the red wine flowed. We nibbled on olives, oil and bread. The girls bought out steaming bowls of delicious seafood pasta they had made and the red wine flowed. Did I say that already? It’s cheap here. $5-6 a bottle. We laughed so much I think the neighbours might have known we were here. I couldn’t tell you a single thing we laughed about. Oh wait a minute, I remember now. That was so funny! At one of our BnBs the guy poured us a drink and put the bottle in the middle of the table. He said good hospitality is to always pour the first drink but you must pour your own after that. He will never be responsible for anyone drinking more than they want or need. I like this concept. I will remind Holly of this as she was topping up my glass! I wonder how Lindy is this morning. When the wine finished she opened the Rakija….

5) Enjoy EVERY SINGLE day even if dehydrated, sunburnt and hungover…
Gilbert opened the window early this morning and I’m enjoying the morning sounds of a town waking up. The first few footsteps, the rubbish being collected, hellos and good wishes, snippets of news shared, cars and motorbikes starting and a dog barking from time to time. I have no idea what they are saying of course, but that’s what I think is happening. Where we live it is silent except for bird call to rouse me and I love it, but this is interesting and different.

Wherever you wake up. Enjoy the day guys!

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