Tuesday 19th August- Don’t get me in my bikini Lindy calls back as I snap away. Ok!

Mixed fresh fruit, figs, nuts, fresh honey and greek yoghurt. That was yesterday’s breakfast and today we had poached eggs on delicious whole meal bread. The girls are keeping us healthy! This BnB was pretty well set up with a washing machine as well as pretty much everything you could have wished for, yet we were still disappointed. Why? Marinka had booked the penthouse apartment with rooftop area for relaxation and to enjoy the view, and because it sleeps five, we jumped in too. However he showed us to the second floor apartment with a tiny balcony. “Just a minute,” said Marinka, “we booked the penthouse.”

“Me no understand” was his reply. Turned out he had double booked and the others had been there a week or so and he couldn’t ask them to move so we got the lower level which Marinka wangled a discount for, and free coffees next day. It was a mission finding our way around the little alleyways and narrow streets with cars parked taking up half the road. Got told off for going one way up the wrong way. It was so narrow at times we were just millimetres from cars as we made our way round corners. It tool three times round the block and the girls waiting at various spots to guide us in to get parked and we found a damn parking ticket anyway next morning waiting under our windscreen wiper. Just NZ$20 so in Mirjana’s words “no problem”. We opened up a couple of bottles while the girls cooked and had a great night of laughs.

We left after breakfast for Krka National Park. What a stunning place. Kate had told us it was beautiful and worth a stop but hadn’t prepared us for the crowds. It’s pretty funny and in hindsight, stupid, but from the descriptions we had imagined we’d find this quaint little place and we’d park up on the grass and wander down to the waters edge where about about twenty others were relaxing. We’d slip into the lake where we would admire the waterfall and maybe even swim over and under it. It sounded pretty cool. I couldn’t believe my eyes as we surveyed the multitudes of buses and cars pouring into the car park and the queues for entry. Parked and ticketed we headed off with the masses. Togs on and bottles of water in hand not really knowing what we would find now.

We walked for a couple of kilometres at a snails pace along with a couple of thousand other people on boardwalks over and around picturesque little spots so as not to disturb the vegetation or the wildlife. A gentle pace that allowed us to really appreciate it all with cameras snapping everywhere. Shaded under lots of green where ducks dived, fish swam and gorgeous dragonflies buzzed on the surface with their wings shimmering in the dappled sunlight. A little snake draped sleepily over a branch while tadpoles wiggled their way round the corner.

Can you see him centre picture just on the surface? Before long we reached the large waterfalls and what an amazing sight that was. The water was slightly muddied by the many feet entering but this is a tiny view of what was going on.

This is Lindy and the girls making their way in. “Don’t get me in my bikini”, Lindy called back. Looking good Lindy!

After a swim we sat at a table with a few hundred other people and ordered a meat platter and a fish platter and a litre of wine. All arrived in less than five minutes and marvelling at the speed of service we dived into the chips and selections. It was absolutely delicious and with just the bones and a few chips left we licked our fingers clean, (until Lindy bought out the wet wipes) and proclaimed the whole day a success of immense proportions. Made our way to Zadar which we know nothing about so got to read up about that tonight but the apartment is gorgeous and we will have no trouble relaxing here I’m sure with the waterfront immediately in front of us and markets just behind.

Help yourself the lady said. I have Croatian brandy on the sideboard and special creation whiskey in here. Champagne chilled in the fridge, pastries here, fresh fruit there and….so it went on. Why thank-you. We will of course! We are sitting on the balcony now enjoying jazz and slow lazy numbers while we sip and nibble before heading down to the waterfront for a promenade taking in some evening air. This is the life!

Talk soon!

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4 Responses to Tuesday 19th August- Don’t get me in my bikini Lindy calls back as I snap away. Ok!

  1. Maire says:

    Maire wants to say she thinks it’s Goong Goong in the last photo.

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