Friday August 15th-It will be at the third palm tree

We head off early and have a lovely breakfast of eggs and bread and coffee on the way to the Marina to catch a boat to Dubrovnik but have been warned not to go early as all the cruise ships are in the port early. Wait until three to arrive we are told or you can’t move for tourists. Rightio. Last thing we want to do is rub shoulders with tourists. Not in this heat anyway.

Arriving down here though our attention is grabbed by the super yachts tied up in port. We sit in the shade and people watch for a while and wonder what sort of people own a boat like these. They are massive and have ten or twenty crew. Some just polishing the silverware for hours. We passed the boats at ten and again at two. Still going! If you’re interested Gilbert googled some of the boats as we sat there and all seemed to be on charter. Around $3k per week to charter.

There are so many beautiful churches here. While traveling in Asia I got a little tired of temples but the Catholic Churches familiarity I guess give them much more interest to me. There seems to be services being held today. Its a very strong Catholic society here.

We wander some more before we buy tickets for a water taxi to Dubrovnik thinking this will be a much nicer way to get there than a bus, plus it drops us to the doorstep of the old walled city. Wait by the third palm tree the ticket seller motions. We laugh as we sit down. That’s cool. No signs. Just a beautiful row of palm trees. Sitting opposite us is what looks like a Mother and Daughter. They look happy and the young girl of about 25 checks her Mum is warm and comfortable. I think it’s lovely how the tables turn on relationships in a very gentle and subtle way and children start ever so slowly looking after their parents.

We are about halfway thru the journey and what starts out as a gentle roll begins to get worse and worse. Gilbert says at times we have a 2metre drop and I notice we sometimes lose the horizon. I don’t get motion sickness that often, but do try to keep my eyes in the distance. It’s difficult here as the boat is tossed. Then the daughter leans a bit closer towards Gilbert and I and asks in a posh English accent if she might borrow our bottle of water please. We realise she’s looking a bit sick and Gilbert quickly hands his over and she swigs from it but almost immediately she rushes to lean out the side and before long shes vomiting with her Mum holding her arm so she doesn’t lean too far. I quietly flip from an outside seat to an inside and motion for Gilbert to do the same so her Mum can sit beside her, but I also gauge the wind will whip it back in and we will wear it. Sure enough her Mum gets the full brunt of it. Oh well lucky she didn’t have breakfast by the look of it. If it had been me it would have been scrambled eggs. Yuk! I’m starting to feel a bit green now with that going on and turn so I’m looking at the land horizon, not the sea and look at Lindy. “You ok”, I ask. “Yep” she says. “Is this within normal” I ask “yep. We’re just getting our 80 kuna worth…I’m loving it!”, she adds with a smile.

This is our first glimpses of the old fortress. Largely built in the 13th and 14th centuries it’s pretty amazing and now a UNESCO world heritage. It had severe damage by earthquake in 1667 and while much was repaired then there was the 1990 conflict here that saw more damage as bombs and shelling did some horrific damge. to just here but all over.

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2 Responses to Friday August 15th-It will be at the third palm tree

  1. renanopolis says:

    Cool mum, surprised dad was ok!

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