Thursday 14th – You shouldn’t drink too much fed wine for breakfast.

We sleep well and Lindy asks Gilbert from her bed what kind of day it is as he’s moving around. “Overcast”, he calls back. Bloody hell. We should get our money back. But even so, it is before long, blue skies again and hot. We are discussing ways to pack and bag qualities. Lindy shows me 3 gorgeous little bottles she has bought for putting oils in and then confides she feels like she may have seen them in the $2 shop in NZ. How much were they I ask. 20kuna she answers ($4) and we have a bit of a laugh. Glad I’m not carrying them I say and Lindy replies she may just gift one each to the girls then they have to take them. Hehehe!

We are having coffee when Sanja arrives to give us back our passports. She also hands over a bottle of white wine and a carafe of red, apologising that she meant to give them to us earlier. Both homemade, she tells us of their little vineyard of just a thousand vines up the hill. Glasses out in a jiffy Lindy is pouring us one each of the red and she joins us. It’s a very nice red actually. Sanja tells us to take the white with us and hands us a herbal Rakija as well. It is good for your health she says very seriously. Indigestion or tummy problems. We decide we better take it as you just never know.

Sanja tells us they need to make their own wine as they have celebrations all the time. Tomorrow is St Bartolommeo tiny little church just in front of our house. It’s gorgeous with its own little bell. The area is strongly Catholic and they must celebrate that saints day as a community. Sanja leaves and Lindy is quick to decant the remainder of the red into the empty vodka bottle. You shouldn’t drink too much red wine for breakfast she warns me. I agree!

We were going to catch the bus but after getting down to the bus stop and sitting for all of five minutes Gilbert goes and asks the taxi what price. He says 96kuna, which is $20 I translate. We look at each other and all stand up. “If it was my girls”, Lindy says “they wouldn’t have me sitting in the sun for any time”. We laugh. Marinka would be doing the cost analysis while Holly fanned her Mother so she didn’t get too hot. How nice is that! I just have Gilbert with me who says hmmm, the bus probably won’t be long and $10 is $10 as we cross the road but Lindy and I are already at the taxi, handing our bags over. Save it for another day Gilberrto.

Here is one cobbled ally way in the old town of Korčula. The blue colour at the end is the sea.

We soon arrive in Korčula town which has the old town at its core. Buildings from 14 and 15th century still in evidence and the fortifications making a strong statement for anyone arriving with thoughts of looting. It’s quite beautiful really and we enjoy wandering with Lindy as our tour guide showing us all the best bits she found the day she waited for us. We just make sure she doesn’t turn around twice and all is well. We decide to do the Marco Polo Museum Tour and I really enjoy it. Check the next post for that. I love the smell of spices that seems to have permeated the streets but then find these for sale.

We share a delicious fish n chips for a late lunch and relax with coffees. Soon we must catch the four o’clock ferry to Dubrovnik. Gee these guys need some lessons in handling tourists but that is another whole blog. Three hours on the ferry and one hour on the bus we are wacked by the time we get to our accommodation. Tell you about that another day!

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