Wednesday August 12th

It’s been a hard day! We dragged ourselves out of our airconditioned apartment this morning into perhaps 30 degrees. Makeup started to slide. We’d been so busy last night down at the bar we forgot to go to the supermarket to grab a few bits for breakfast and coffee this morning and it had closed by the time we got there. That meant to have a coffee after getting home we had to add sheridans- for the milk part you see. After the coffee we thought we should have a night cap , seeing as the bottle was just there like. Lindy was telling me how damn heavy the bottle was and we decided then and there we better just drink the bloody stuff and get it over and done with. We sat on our balcony till late with strains of a piano accordian and a couple singing down by the water. Managed to stop so we had enough for tonight’s coffee. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do these things. View from the balcony at 7pm.

We have about a five minute walk to the water and going down it’s ok. The up is a step section including stairs and I’m fair puffing but push myself figuring it’s good for the heart after several hours of lolling about. Like a sea lion I pull myself from the shore to the water and dive in and roll around a few times so as to cool off a little before slumping back down in the sun again to dry. The water is super salty, so keeping buoyant is easy. You barely have to move a flipper from time to time and when you dry the salt is dusty on your skin. There’s heaps of fatty bombastics here and lots of gorgeous Ken and Barbie dolls strutting their stuff. It’s hard not to be mesmerised by the tassels on the bikinis swaying with a gentle swing or the roll of the g-bangers not EVEN covering the cracks. Or so Gilbert says. He was just wondering how uncomfortable it was to have that string up your backside. Just asking! There not much else to do but people watch, drink or eat. Here’s Lindy playing sea lion.

And then there’s the boys and their toys. The boats-big and small coming and going, windsurfers, beach buggys and what about the guy with the jet ski that’s got some sort of cable attached to guys feet and when he revs up the jet ski the water pumps thru the cable and the guys then on rocket boots! Think I’ll stick to my vodka for the fun bits.

It’s 7pm and Lindy and I are now sipping vodka & orange on the balcony tonight cause the lady told us DO NOT DRINK THE WATER…and I thinks it’s important to listen to good advice. The Lemon Radlers we had this afternoon were so thirst quenching we had a second in between swims before popping back for siesta like the locals. It’s a very sensible habit.

One thing I’m finding a bit harder is the 2-3 smokes I’m having a day. It’s a habit I never thought I’d pick up but you kind’ve have no choice here. Wherever you sit you have to watch if you are up or down wind but Lindy’s got her nose out sucking it up so maybe I’ll change seats next time. We’re off soon for cocktails and ice cream down at the marina before we come back to finish the sheridans. Damn Lindy for buying a big bottle. All in all it’s a hard life. It feels a bit surreal. Like we are in a movie and someone’s going say ‘cut!’ sometime so better make the most of it! Dovra denja as they say here.

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