Monday August 10th-the best and the worst of it.

We head to Bol after lunch. It’s heavily promoted as one of the most beautiful places in Croatia and indeed it is. It’s incredibly unusual also as it has a long thin peninsula jutting out. It’s not sand but a small white pebble. The thing that’s very different here is down the middle of the peninsula is pine trees on a lean from the wind giving copious amounts of shade just off the beach for most of the way down. It’s here, facing out to the beach where the cocktail bars and where the thump, thump, thump of the base beat originates. There’s food stalls selling cream and jam filled pancakes and ice creams in every shade. Mini motorbikes and trampolines. Just 10 kuna $2 for 20 minutes. Hmmm…For 100 kuna which is almost $20 you can have a deck chair and an umbrella and your own coffee table. Coffee is expensive here too.

Here’s the thump,thump,thump bar with a girl with a electric violin to spice things up a bit. It is far from relaxing but I guess not all of us looking for that???

If we turn our attention to the water now you can see almost every water toy imaginable. Speed boats whizz past. Bumper boats with their own water slide attached, boats pulling huge tyre like tubs that hold several people and overhead are boats pulling a balloon thing with people in. And the music goes thump,thump, thump.

This is Mirna just before she told her Mother they have to come back tomorrow at 8am. She never got to do all these things! Well I guess that exactly what they want to generate right! In the picture behind her is a water challenge and it looks like fun but the thump, thump, thump is still there and it’s disrupting my thoughts.

It may also be interesting to know for those who have not traveled to European countries before that a one-piece swimsuit is almost overdressed. Most women are in bikinis, regardless of size. Most men are in speedos regardless of belly, and both sexes, young and old are very adept at changing from a wet swim suit to a dry one in no time at all very discretely. And change they do. They have bikinis for swimming and a different one for sunbathing. Most bikini bottoms are not designed to cover bottoms at all. Only cracks, and the tops are optional. Annd despite having all this amazing sun many locals lay in the shade and it seems mostly the tourists are after a tan.

The very interesting thing about Bol is that the tip changes regularly. Even almost hourly as the pebbles are moved by the wind very gradually from side to side. Don’t believe me? Google it, cause I’m pretty tired and I need some sleep.

I will just say that the Write ups are correct and if you want to swim or sunbathe with a thump , thump, thump and the smell and roar of engines you my friend, should go to Bol.

Talk soon!

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