Monday 10th August – But wait there’s more…

Just when you think you’ve met the whole kit and caboodle, someone says, “but wait, there’s more!”

Today we met Matteco. Pretty sure I will have spelt that wrong so Tanja please feel free to comment with correct spelling and I will fix. He’s lovely. I got completely lost with how he fits in our family tree but he will be someone’s cousin for sure! He lives in Amsterdam and travels here for his holiday break like Tanja. He speaks softly but he doesn’t need to tell me he’s a strong Catholic. I can tell that by the amount of rosary beads, Pope pictures and holy water.

Rina tells us that there are many kinds of people who have come from this village, Novo Sello, (which means literally New Village), over the years. Lawyers, architects, a pope, professors…wait a minute- back up the bus there Rina. A pope? I ask. Yes! A Pope she answers, doctors and nurses and a prostitute, builders and wait a minute- back up the bus again there Rina. A prostitute? How does she know this? We ask laughing. I mean this may just be hearsay. Oh no she knows for sure and tells us how she knows, but I get lost with that story also. Teachers, ministers…and on it goes.

Then tonight we meet Katia who is the daughter of Miro, who is the son of Katina, who is the sister of Dragomir, my grandfather. They are both in their mid seventies and Rina, in the floral top, just turned eighty-three. Milan is in front of her. “I think we should start drinking olive oil” Duane said after looking at Rina. They certainly look younger than their years in this village.

After Katina and her husband are gone Zarko takes us out for dinner to a Pizzeria Restorante. Its easy to lose track of time on holiday and I am shocked to see its 10pm as we leave. Monday here on Brac, and the place is sooo busy we have to wait for a table to be free. Its like no one eats at home with all the cafés and restaurants busy. It’s a nice fun meal for our last dinner on Brac. No food chains here. Each place seems to be family owned and they must make their money in the summer season for the place empties out once summer is over. We arrive home after midnight and Gilbert and I gather up our belongings and pack our bags. We have been spoiled with having Zarko and Mirjana’s completely self contained apartment level while we have been here. We need to leave at about 9am and it’s going to be hard I’m sure.

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