Sunday 9th August- it’s goodbye to you and you and you.

Today Gilbert and I take Tony and Duane to Bol to catch their cruise that takes them to Dubrovnik where they pick up their coach tour, that takes them to Zagreb. Bags packed and ready to go, Tony gives a farewell speech that is hilarious but ends with a pen to give to Mirna so she may write to a penpal of her own. Maybe that will be like Tricia and Tanja who end up keeping in contact for thirty-five years before they meet! Mirna hasn’t woken yet so doesn’t get to hear this speech 😦

A quick photo and much discussion about the days plans and we’re off. We’re on our own today. GPS and Gilbert driving right hand side we are soon in Bol and take a wander. It’s a big, busy tourist area with one of the most beautiful beaches I understand. We didn’t go as the boats coming in are disgorging hundreds of tourists, one after the other, for pretty much the whole time we are there sees them walking down in droves and does not appeal to me at all. We wander through the market tents area and get a couple of things as momentos each and Tony wants to buy us lunch before we head off.

I had sat in the backseat of the Seven seater all yesterday and felt terribly carsick by the time we got back last night and I have woken with that same feeling. I can’t bear the thought of breakfast before we leave but have a piece of fresh bread and a hot drink and now still don’t feel like I can stomach anything. Duane orders some hot chips to share and spaghetti scampi with a side salad for her and Tony and Gilbert & I get a juice and a Greek salad that is so salty even Gilbert can’t touch it! Duane puts together some of her salad and spaghetti, even tho I say I can’t touch a thing. Soon I am tempted to at least try. It’s amazing and before long have cleaned it up. The amazing thing is my tummy feels much better. Just needed some Kai?

We kiss them goodbye Croatian styles, reset the GPS and head to Postira to see Kate, my cousin who lived in NZ for a number of years and who has now settled in this village from where her Mother came from. I’m looking forward to seeing her and David. Postira is beautiful. Our instructions are to find the church. This is pretty easy as only one in a village and the high spire is a dead giveaway. Then find someone and say Kartier and Novo Zealande. I am told everyone will know her. We park and wander thru some narrow cobbled streets losing our bearings of the church’s direction once in said cobbled streets but I hear voices and head to them.

As we round a corner it’s a very elderly couple who have dropped their basket of figs and are picking them up as they argue over something. Whose to blame perhaps? I realise these guys won’t be speaking any English so spit it out in my best pronunciation and they barely stop to acknowledge me but wave their arms in the general direction of the church. We head that way.

The streets appear to be deserted as it’s siesta time. We ask a trio if they are from here. They shake their head. Then one says “what is it you want?” I explain and he points to the distance and says there’s three young men who look like locals and to give them a go. They are from Zagreb staying with the priest. One jumps up and says to wait and he will ask Father. Sure enough in minutes he has returned and takes us up to Kate’s door. “Valar!” I say and he turns to say “God Bless” which is rather strange coming from a young man of about 25 years old!

Kate looks fantastic and she delights in showing me her craft rooms and sewing set up. She, like me, has numerous projects on the go, but unlike me, does actually finish them. She says she gave up on us coming and offered all the lunch food to the local Nuns who will be collecting at seven tonight. She’s really disappointed we didn’t come as planned as they prepared a meal for nine of us and then no one turned up! Real miscommunication here as I thought Kate said come after lunch and now we have eaten with Tony. Jeepers, food is such a bother is it not? We’ve eaten a light lunch with Tony and feeling terribly guilty now sit to what is a delicious lunch and coffee with a lovely carrot and walnut cake. Definitely we won’t eat dinner we tell ourselves. Fat chance!

Leaving there we head to Supetar and while the GPS seemed to be taking us an odd way, we are there before long and meet with Slobodan and Tanja who tell us we better head off soon, Zarko has a lovely BBQ dinner on. We headed out this morning saying we might not actually eat all day …which quickly changed to having two lunches and a dinner. We promise to try our best and I’m wondering if the food thing could end soon as I’m sure we will explode any time soon. This is Kate’s Dad with his two brothers as young men in Split.

Dinner is simple and al the more lovely for it with BBQ pork chops and salad. I manage to get one down and it’s delicious with just a bowl of tomatoes. The last of the desserts from the other night are bought out and we excuse ourselves to bed. I nearly die to see it’s almost midnight. Another day down!

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One Response to Sunday 9th August- it’s goodbye to you and you and you.

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hard work! Haha I remember those days. Enjoy! X

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