Saturday 9th August-I’m late and you’re making me later!

This morning we visit our village church which is five minutes down the road. Locals come by to see who is wandering around inside the church and the introductions begin again. Everyone explains their connection to the Antonievic family. It’s lovely really. It’s not a big church but is exceptionally beautiful.

We are then off to Damir and Deanna’s place that they are renting and are treated to cocktails and snacks, juice and wine. The view is to die for. What a place to holiday in each year! Then we head to the cafe waterside and I’m straight into the water while some head straight up to the cafe for coffee.

We notice we haven’t seen any Police anywhere so we ask. “Are there Police here?”
“Not so many” they reply, “Maybe where the tourist are in Bol, where they are making trouble.” “Hmmm, so what’s the tolerance for drink driving,” asks Tony sipping a beer. “Zero,” Zarko tells us. “But there’s pretty much no police here and it’s no problem” Mirjana adds. They say that for everything. “No problem”

Mirjana tells us of when she was on her way to Slovenia for an important meeting. She had already been held up at the border for an hour and so was driving really fast. She got stopped by the police who started telling her off. In Mirjana’s words…talking slowly. “Did you know what speed you were going thru there?”

“Yes, I was speeding” Mirjana says very matter of fact. “I am very late and have to be somewhere for a meeting. Write the ticket and let me go”. He kept telling her off and she kept telling him to hurry up. He suddenly stops and says “if I let you go are you going to speed again?”
“Yes,” she answers.
“You will drive just as fast after you leave here?”
“Yes”she yells. “I’m telling you I’m late and you’re making me later!”

Finally he gets the message and picks up his phone and talks to someone. Oh my god! she’s so frustrated. He comes back to her. “It’s all ok”, he tells her. “Go and don’t worry about the next two check points. I’ve told them you’re in a hurry and to leave you go.” Now that’s how to handle the police here in the Croatian way!

Tony tells us a story of getting stopped three times in one week. By the same cop, on the same stretch of road, close to home. Turns out it was Duane’s cousin and the third time he told Tony “I’m going to have to give you a ticket. Maybe that will make you take your foot off the pedal”

Now it’s my turn to tell a story… “Well”, I start…”one day Aneeka comes home and I’m making the bed. She comes into the room crying her eyes out. Crying so hard she can barely talk. It takes a few minutes but finally I get that she has been pulled over by a cop. “So you got a ticket?” “No” she has the saddest eyes and is still crying. “Are you hurt?” “No” she sniffs
“He was mean to you?” “No” she looks like she’s going to start up again.
“Ren, I don’t get it. You were speeding and a cop stopped you?” “Yes” she nods again.
So then what happened. “He asked to see my licence and I was crying so hard he said he was sorry and I should stop crying and then he said “Lauren you’re breaking my heart”, and then sniff, sniff, he said I could go and he wouldn’t give me a ticket and told me to drive home safely, sniff, sniff.

I look at her incredulous. “So how come you’re still crying?” “I don’t knowwwww, she wails. “I got a friiiggghht!”

They all love Ren and love the story. Sorry Ren. It had to be a good one to top the others tho I think Mirjana’s was the best!

We dash home for showers and Zarko tells us 15 minutes and then we go…

Talk soon!

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One Response to Saturday 9th August-I’m late and you’re making me later!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hahaha I forgot about that! It is a good story 🙂

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