August Friday 8th-scampi is expensive but we still have it on the menu.

The day is stunning yet again and Duane tells us it’s going to be hotter than yesterday, as if we need to know that!

We have togs on and get comfortable for a ride to a bay not far form where we were the other day but this is not easily accessed except by boat. “This is the life”, Duane says. The girls have said goodbye as they are leaving from that beach to go on to their ferry for Hvar for a couple of days, then to another Island before the girls fly on to Greece and Lindy connects back up with Gilbert and I. They are discussing how this will work and as they are discussing Lindy catching two different ferries I remind them Lindy got lost in an elevator in a car park at the hospital. I’m not sure this is a good idea! The trip is great as we pass beautiful bays and other boats until we get to where we are going to swim and stay for a while. The water is so warm and the pebbly bottom sees Duane and I keeping our sandals on in the water. Tender feet!!!

We head up to the restaurant after swimming and stopping only for a beer and sunbathing in between dips before we head to our table that has been reserved. Look carefully. Fresh fish brought to the table for Gilbert and Zarko to choose which ones they want before they prepare to cook. The table is laid with Rakija, cheese and olives and tomatoes followed soon after with dried and salted sardines. These are yummy and a bit like snacking on chips. A plate of fresh sardines is placed on the table. “Complimentary” says the guy with a smile. We have five couples at the table and Zarko goes there every year when on holiday. Tony has told Zarko this is our shout after he says we are not to put anything towards the boat gas.

Zarko and Tanja chat about what to order and Duane’s eyes light up when she hears theres scampi on the menu and so this is added. A feast arrives all freshly cooked and we are soon wrist deep in the scampi and rich tomatoey sauce. The guy brings the freshly cooked fish and de-bones it in front of us before adding to the table. More wine is ordered and we are a happy gaggle in no time. Duane is loving the scampi and says “this is SOoooo expensive at home they don’t even have it on the menus anymore.” Everyone nods. “Yes it is very expensive here too”Mirjana translates, “but they still have it on the menu.” This is hilarious watching Duane as she realises she is paying for this luxury. What the hell!

We have a group of Italians at the nearby table who are breaking out in song regularly. Duane is smiling at them and asks if she can take a photo but Zarko grabs the camera so she can sit with them all clad in togs huddled up close for the photo. Next thing one of the guys is back at our table sitting by Duane. We are chuckling about him being attracted to Duane’s blonded hair when Mirjana leans across the table to tell Gilbert that when we go to Morroco he can probably get three camels for me if he wants to cash me in. Yes she assures him as we shriek with laughter. “You could probably get three camels.” ” I don’t think so” I say. “Yes I’m sure” Mirjana nods. “No, I’m sure I’m worth much more than three camels!”

You better watch out for this Italian guy someone warns Tony. Tony looks up from his conversation with Damir and asks how many camels do you reckon I’d get for her?

Next thing the Italian guy has returned with a bottle of champagne that he says is for our table and we quickly empty our glasses so we can enjoy his offering and thank him. We toast to Italy and as he walks away Zarko looks up and down the table and says. “He has given us a gift. What should we give him. We have to think of something…” it seems like it s a quandary. I’m thinking maybe we can sing their table a song but perhaps the right thing would be to buy a bottle for them??? “Maybe we can give them Duane” Zarko says seriously. That sets us up for a good few minutes!

What a beautiful afternoon it has been. Every part absolutely stunning and fun. As we lean back on the boats front on the way home with the warm wind and cam sea still, Duane says, “Lindy would have loved this. It’s been amazing” and it has. We look at Tony and Gilbert who are taking turns to drive the boat and both look so very relaxed. It’s like we have all been switched into low gear.

Some desserts are bought out on our return. It would be rude to refuse, after all we didn’t finish it up last night…and even tho it’s earlyish, we are keen to go to bed. Tony has everyone in fits of laughter and then rises and says “seeing as I have made you all laugh may be I can go to bed now?” It’s been a big day and soon everyone drifts off and only I am left here tapping away. Time to go. Talk soon!

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