How we break our fast

I’m up early today. After my super nap yesterday and a good nights sleep in much cooler temperatures. I text Ren and we have a lovely FaceTime chat. No one else is up and I remember I was going to get up for the dawn chorus here, if there is such a thing. I’ve missed it today.
I pad barefoot around while the terraces are still cool and make myself a cup of tea and just sit.

The breeze is beautiful with the sun already up and hot. The cicadas singing and the smell of fresh bread wafting up to me. “Are you ready for breakfast?” Tanja asks and she whips up some French bread after which she surprises me with spoils the children have gathered from the hedgerows. “Our figs won’t be ready for a few days”Tanja says “so Mirna and her friends have been collecting for you”.

Cherries, almonds, figs, blackberries and Rina’s freshly baked bread.
So this is how we end our breakfast. How could you not grow up healthy and strong? Good sleep after sun and sea air. Good organic food grown locally. Hills to climb to keep you fit. I agree Rina. It is heaven on earth.

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