6 August-Mucho Mali

“Mucho Mali” I shout as I jump out in front of five worried looking faces. They have just come off the ferry and with huge bags in two they stagger off with hundreds of others. ‘Mucho Mali’ became Tony’s little catch phrase with Rina. I think it means ‘be quiet little one’ from what Grandpa would have said, but Tony being huge it is rather funny and every time one of them says it they shriek with laughter. We go for a drink while we wait for the car rental place to open and the girls looking at the boats bobbing in the harbour that the ferry has delivered them to, are blown away at the beauty. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” I say as I flick thru some pics on the ipad.

But that’s for tomorrow. Today they are buggered. You can see it in their eyes. Ankles swollen. I remember that feeling well. We just have a few things to get thru first guys. A few drinks, homemade schnapps and then dinner which Rina and family has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure we get the best of Dalmatia. A traditional meal of lamb stuffed peppers followed by a traditional Dalmatian cabbage with homemade olive oil from the olives Luka planted and salsa or shelsha in Croatian from homegrown tomatoes. It leaves our taste buds thoroughly tantalised and the description does nothing to describe the actual taste. Red wine is poured and I can’t think of a better way to try these things than with family from both sides of the world.

What an awesome photo!

A time is made to meet tomorrow and the promise of more yet to come. A surprise as well, Mirjana tells us. I have had a hint of what this is and I can’t wait either. Sleep well my friends for tomorrow we will discover Novo Sello together.

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