I feel like a migraine is waiting around the corner. Perhaps a shot will help?

Today I don’t feel so good. I had a headache last night that is feeling a little like a migraine is waiting around the corner. I struggled to write last nights blog but I have an obligation to the masses and I don’t want to forget a thing. This headache is probably because I have been swimming and sunbathing and just generally walking around in the sun. Glasses of wine with lunch and dinner. Just a little to be polite haha! A drive last night to have BBQ beef in a bun ended beachside at a little cafe with a glass of wine as the sun went down. Life is soo hard.

I’m struggling to get up but it’s too hot in bedroom anyway so I down a couple of tabs and we make our way to breakfast after which Zarko hands us a shot glass each, filled with a rich dark liquid. Is this alcohol? Surely not with breakfast? I don’t think I should with my headache and all. This is Rakija-made from green walnuts. This is good for your health they tell me.

Tanja translates Rina who says you can have it with breakfast, lunch, dinner. All day if you like it. It is good for you. It takes me about 2 seconds to decide to sip. It’s delicious and tastes like a good strong sherry. It’s lip licking good. Next… Yes, you heard right. The next was made from herbs and tasted a bit like disinfectant-this will help if you have stomach problems Mirjana tells me nodding. What about if I don’t have stomach problems? It’s OK she says. The next…yes, the next is made from herbs too and tastes like a different brand of disinfectant. I don’t think I will try any more I say wrinkling up my nose. This might make my headache worse. Oh yes, Mirjana says, the Rakija is the best one for your headache as she pours another, but first I must try the pear one Tanja says as she swigs a tiny bit to be sure it’s the pear one. It’s sweeter she assures me. These are just shot glasses but it’s breakfast remember! I don’t like the pear one…but just to get that taste out of my mouth I agree to another Rakija.

Ren texts me to see how I am doing. “Get a bottle of water and sip all day” she commands like I’m fifteen and travelling and she is Mum at home. Yes Ren I reply, like I’m fifteen….I don’t tell her about the shots I had for breakfast. I figure you shouldn’t tell your Mum everything?

There are strains of Croatian music from the neighbours. I am sitting in the grape vine shaded terrace with Milan doing crosswords beside me. The guys are sorting the set up for the next meal. The ingredients I have seen are fresh lamb, fresh paprika grown here, (I have never seen fresh paprika before) and onions and celery and carrots for starters. It’s looking like I better rest before the next meal!

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3 Responses to I feel like a migraine is waiting around the corner. Perhaps a shot will help?

  1. Yum. That liquid breakfast is the best! Forget weetbix, forget smoothies…that’s the way to go. And lamb and paprika, yumma, numma, nee, nigh.

  2. renanopolis says:

    Ha! We all know you mum and your intense detesting of water! Drink it!!!

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