Young at heart, and slightly older in other places…

Saw this in a shop and have been chuckling all morning.

This is George from the BnB we stayed with in Wales for four nights. He cooked all our breakfasts and moaned about everything, but I loved hearing his accent and if it’s possible to moan positively George did.
“Oh, the bliidy meht said et wood be foine an eyeve got ta get the hay in afore it rains, but I’m not worring abut et…oive got enuff ta worry about with ou that…

Had another lovely chat with Bath BnB host this morning about gardens and good health. I was going to take a pic to show you their great efforts in the tiniest of spaces but it was raining pretty steadily. We’re all on a journey discovering organic, companion gardening, wormeries and compost. Do I have to see or touch them she asks as I delight in how fantastic they are.

Their house was built about 1805. As she said that, I looked down at the beautifully worn and buttery cream stone we were standing on. Yep she said, all that and the front door is most likely original. How many people does it take walking over stone to wear it down I often wonder, as we have traveled through so many old homes and always looked at the worn front step, some more indented than others. Our BnB hosts Margaret and Richard were lovely. I will say here that most of our stays so far have been airbnb and meeting the people has been a real highlight. It’s cool seeing and understanding how people are living, cooking, gardening. All that makes us so similar, and so different.

We decided to walk the BIG hill again. After all it was all downhill this time, and halfway down was a National Trust Priory garden we thought we might visit. Now you would think we had seen it all, but here is a completely different garden. No flower beds. No water features. Nothing really that is normal for a garden. The house was built by Ralph Allen famous for making changes to the post that allows us to receive the post in a timely manner as we do today. Then he developed the local quarry to promote the beautiful stone that most of Bath is built in and his home became the ‘show home’ or mansion as it’s known today. Positioned so that it could be seen from miles away, the garden set up so the house could enjoy the view of Bath as they looked right down the valley.

Maybe you’ll see here that very soon after we set off the rain eased and our garden walk right around this valley was lovely. In the distance you can see the Palladian Bridge.

Here it is close up complete with centuries old graffiti. Little shits back then too aye? See King 1896 and some older and a few much newer which is disappointing but there you have it.

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