Sally Lunns and a gun, all in Bath

Couldn’t miss going to Sally Lunns…or thought we couldn’t till we saw the queue! I’ll have one at home I said to Gilbert when we were told it went for ages! Sally Lunn was a French refugee 300 years ago and this was where she made her famous buns that are well known in NZ.

“So what shall we eat?” asks Gilbert. Probably our last meal here. It was now 2pmish and I thought we should have something special and typically British. Then we came across Pecking Cafe…and this is what we had.

Haha! Yep as soon as I thought of rice I was hungry for it. It was yumm.

It had ended up fine weather all day and now as we went to walk to the train station there were a few drops of rain. Couldn’t figure why all the traffic had come to a grinding halt. All the buses full of tourists waiting at lights that were already green. Something going on down there I thought as we wove through the vehicles. Sure enough people were being encouraged to move into or past the train station. Main Street was empty bar Police. Three VERY HAPPY guys giving one of them grief as they discussed why they DIDNT think they should move on.

“What’s going on there?” I asked the ticket guy as we went through the turn style.
“Someone’s holed up in a car with a gun, is what I heard” he answered looking back down the street. “Goodbye Bath” I thought as I took a look back. Rain and guys with guns. It’s a good time to leave.

Not long to go now…bags packed and in a short flight we will be in Croatia.

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