August 3rd-figs for free is a very apt title for today

Fig trees line the road from Split airport to the Port where we board the ferry for Brac. But not just figs either, olive trees, pomegranates and grapes. They seem to be right along the roadside.

Most of the day has been spent getting here. Two plane rides, bus, ferry and then Tanja and Slobodan picked us up in the car for an hour drive to Novo Sello. The village our Grandfather was born in. As you would expect it’s hot, hot, hot! This pic is 6pm just as ferry is about to depart to Brac taken through a rather dirty window. I hope you’re working up an appetite I tell Gilbert with a smile.

Split is definitely bigger and more high rise than I expected tho I didn’t really give it much thought. Brac however is exactly as I have pictured. I had the winter description from Damen and the summer description from Ren and driving to the village with Tanja telling us about places as we pass is pretty special. The terracotta roof tiles capping the creamy buildings with terraced gardens, and thanks to a wetter than normal summer, still lots of green. We made it!

The table is laid and after hugs all round we are soon eating. It’s all amazing and mostly from fresh produce from the garden. I’m impressed and will need to be getting these recipes of course. Rina looks fantastic and Milan is just how I remember him from the photos. It’s not long before he asks after ‘Aneeka’ and I get the photo album where they pore over each and every one of the kids. “He’s a pretty boy”, Tanja translates for Milan. I lean over expecting it to be Langi or our Milan but no, it’s Kieran!

Tanja tells us after dinner there is a special show of a traditional dance group at Sumartin if we want to go. I look at my watch. “Will it be too late I ask , It’s 10pm?” Might be says Tanja but It isn’t and before I know it we are there and treated to fully costumed dancers complete with a traditional band out in the open air. The place is busy after the show at 11pm and we go for ice-creams and stroll by the balmy warm water where you can see right to the bottom as clear as day. All the cafés are open and a soccor final is on under lights. The place is still humming as we tiki tour round the cobbled streets. This is the not so touristy area, Mirjana explains. The tourists all go to Bol or Supetar but here is mostly the locals or Croatians holidaying.

Can’t wait to play local tomorrow. Just to soak it all up, may be swim and marvel at just how far we have come. Night everyone.

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5 Responses to August 3rd-figs for free is a very apt title for today

  1. renanopolis says:

    Ahhhh! Such a cool day, give my love to everyone! Enjoy swimming in paradise, hope the water isn’t too warm! How lucky are we to have Whanau all over the world! XXX

  2. Yvonne says:

    Wow!! Catching up on your last few entries – ye have seen so much! Finally in Croatia, I bet that is so exciting for you! It sounds idyllic where you are – enjoy every minute 🙂

  3. Amy says:


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