August 1st-Graveyards

I’m not sure if anyone else thinks graveyards are very interesting places. I’m mostly interested to see how people remember their loved ones, I never want to be buried in one myself. I think they are a very sad and desolate place and dare I say, a waste of ground. I love how people are thinking outside the square more nowadays, so parks where you can be buried and a tree planted making it a huge useable space.

Rina told us with space at a premium in parts of Croatia and possibly Europe, your grave is considered ‘past it’s use by date’ after so many years. The marker is removed and a new grave is placed there unless family pay money for it to stay longer. Makes sense if we can disassociate ourselves from the ideal of ‘rest in peace’. I have some beautiful pics of some graves in Amsterdam but don’t know how to blurr names.  They are modern sculptural memorials rather than headstones within a large park.

Today the damned GPS took us up the wrong hill on our walk to the BnB. Ok, we read it wrong…and we ended up at this graveyard with headstones from mid 1800s. Interesting thing is a sign tells us that since the graveyard is full, they have decided to allow the natural vegetation to reclaim the space. The trees are taking over and the wildflowers have almost covered the groups of headstones but there is still some large lawn spaces. The birds and bees are returning and it is becoming a nature reserve, rather than a sombre clipped and mowed space. I think this is a great idea.

May be could’ve got a better photo if I wasn’t so nackered!

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