Bladud rolls in the mud…

We decided to walk to our BnB for a bit of exercise seeing as we’ve had a car for last few days. Looked at GPS map and thought a 30 -40 minute walk sounded good. However it didn’t show us that it was ALLL up hill, and the hill was nearly flipping vertical! 2-3 kilometres of it just went on and on, up and up. I just had to keep thinking one foot in front of the other. It was like the steepest part of what we call ‘the roller coaster’ that the girls and I do sometimes at home.

Our BnB hosts were very impressed when we told them we had walked but I think she guessed as soon as we staggered in the door because I nearly just lay down on the floor. She said “would you like a glass of water or a cup of tea before I show you you’re room?”
I said “both please”. Then she told us we had three flights of stairs to go up to our room!

Bath is ‘pumping’…Haha! It’s such a tourist filled place. Bus loads- about nine parked up at any one time, coming and going, tour guides, head phones, it’s all go! About 80 thousand people live here and around 3 million tourists go through in a year our BnB hosts tell us.

So…legend has it that Bath’s warm and healing waters were discovered when Bladud noticed that the pigs who rolled in mud had great skin, so he tried it himself having suffered from leprosy and low and behold it cleared up. That’s a statue of him in the little alcove.

That’s the very short, and possibly ‘not true’ version as it goes on to say he grew wings and trying to fly after speaking with the dead, dashed himself against a stone wall and died. How ever it came about, it’s pretty amazing that it’s been here all this time.

The orange tide marks where the level used to be, but it’s been drained and kept at this level to protect it.

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