I ordered a cup of tea and look what happened…

This is very normal I know you are all thinking, and it is. This is not the first time it’s happened but I have to smile when it does and I can’t help but think of Mum and her teapots.

Mum collected up these teapots for at least twenty years. She talked of opening a tea rooms and in later years talked about doing it with her friend Trudy who was an amazing cook. Trudy passed away quite a few years before Mum and they had been such a fun loving pair it was quite sad. When we cleaned out the shed and found the box of teapots it really bought a tear to the eye, as this was one of Mums dreams. We cried and laughed about it as we cleaned and debated whether to take a couple. You have to, Lindy said, chose a couple to take home, and so I did.

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