Tuesday 29th July – Happy Birthday in Cardiff Bay

Turns out the lovely place we were at yesterday wasn’t Cardiff at all. It was Cardiff Bay. Haha! It’s bit like saying Howick was Auckland I guess. We have spent most of the day wandering around acres and acres of Wales National History Museum, which is like a whole town set back in time on acres and acres. Right from Castle times thru to the fifties. We’ve walked for almost four hours.

It’s like a one stop for ‘Wales through the ages’. It never ceases to amaze us that we drive to somewhere and arriving at say 10am and there’s about 200 cars in the car park. Then as we left we realised there was another car park with another 2-300 cars parked. At no time does it feel crowded here though and theres families everywhere. Picnicking and kids swimming in the ponds or exploring the shady bush walks. Squealing and running around trees. Groups of mums and babies connecting up.

I’m mostly hearing the Welsh accent which is very pleasant, languorous and deep like a lazy river. Also heard a bit of French but that’s about all. We stop to talk to a couple who are dog walking and ask if Welsh is spoken much. It’s everywhere written. Every single sign or brochure has Welsh first and then translated yet I’ve never heard it spoken. He tells me mostly the older ones only speak it now.

On the way home we discover the largest Castle in Wales. In Caerphilly. It’s amazing, though fallen into disrepair about 300 years ago. Only the queens castle is larger. This one sits on 30 acres.

Talk soon!

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