Monday 28th July-a months worth of rain in one hour!

Behind me is the Millennium Stadium and this is the view in front of me.

Part of a beautiful Park in Central Cardiff that surrounds an old Castle open to the public. A fabulous space where people are sunbathing, reading, practising plays, drinking coffee. There’s an open air theatre where hundreds of children are enjoying ‘The little mermaid’ play.

The day started darker than normal with a low rumble of thunder and I asked Gilbert what the forecast was. We were about to catch a bus to the train station and then head to Wales for a four day break on a farm.

“High of 24 and chance of precipitation 0%” he reads as I head to the shower but before I’ve even switched it on I can hear the rain pelting. I’m a bit confused thinking it must be the shower next door, until I look out the window. Geez. What country was that forecast for I wonder. Thunder and lightening and torrential rain as we leave sees us heading into the train station where most people are soaked to the skin. I guess like us, no one expected it.

By the time we have got to Wales tho it’s well cleared and we have an amazing afternoon.

This is part of the castle walls which started life as a roman walled fort. The stone was then pinched to build the Marquis from Scotland a Castle which was added to over time and a new wall built, until the 6th Marquis who extends and renovates it and they use it for a holiday home. The gardens are revamped and a design for a new wall is started but not completed for many years. What’s different about this wall is a series of animals are perched on the top along the way. This is one of the originals, a lioness. There’s also a raccoon, an anteater, monkeys, a dog and many more. They are very cool.

While Cardiff is rather a large place now, back in the early 19th century it was a village of around 200 and the castle was surrounded by water. Coal saw the area grow rapidly. The Castle and surrounds was donated to the people of Wales in 1940’s, after the war. It’s very cool having such a beautiful and large park right in the city centre and great so people are using it.

Talk soon!

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