Sunday 27th- the girls have broken out their romper suits

It takes a couple to three days to sort out where’s North and the best place for coffee and the cheapest beer and in London’s case, how to use the public transport and then whamm you’re moving on to a new place…or may be that’s our itinerary. Today we left London Bridge behind and are now at Johns.

It was relatively easy to leave the joint. Two stages of underground, (pimps) and then a short trip on the above ground rail. John picked us up and we have now met his lovely wife and gorgeous baby. Weather STILL fantastic. Aren’t we lucky!

The tanning clinics are doing a roaring trade as the girls have all broken out their romper suits and trying to look like they’ve just returned from the South of Spain. Bare legs everywhere!

The guys and girls are sunbathing at any available spot down by the riverside. Shirts peeled off and skirts tucked up. It’s so weird with the sun up at 4.30am and it’s still light at 10pmish but John tells us they lap every minute of sun and daylight up as once winter descends it’s not light till 8amish and dark by 4pm. Be quite a different lifestyle wouldn’t it?

Talk soon!

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