Saturday 26th July-We duck and dive to the West End

I was being a bit smart saying I didn’t know what that building was in my last blog. It was all becoming a bit of a blur and I kind’ve didn’t care any more. It was the parliament buildings of course and it all feels a bit better today. I think this place would be awesome if you met a mate here who knew the place. It feels a bit like a massive railway station and everyone is rushing somewhere.

Weather is a little cooler after the rain yesterday but check out today’s sky. This is Tower Bridge. In my opinion the light blue paintwork is entirely the wrong colour to complement the old Tower looking a bit like icing on a cake, but then may be that was the look they were going for. Some useless trivia is that this bridge opens regularly daily to let the big boats go through up or down the Thames and it’s only failed twice in its few hundred years history. One of those times was the day it was officially opened! Pretty good record!

Half time at the show Jersey Boys today. It was a very cool performance and the three ladies next to me enjoyed it sooo much! They had come down from Scotland especially for it and the one next to me luckily had a great voice, as she sang and clapped her way throughout the whole thing. She knew every song. Cried twice! And I thought she was going to piss herself when they sang ‘Sherry Baby’. It was great. Really!

And this is Trafalgar Square early evening with the crowds thinning out. You should’ve seen it earlier. The whole city was grid locked and the bus we were making our way to westend on had barely moved in a half hour. We asked the driver if he thought we’d make Picadilly in a half hour as needed to get to our show and he shook his head and said we might just make it if we went fast on foot. Took off and found ourselves in the middle of a ‘Free Palestine parade’ which was massive. Had to join the parade and slip across to get to the other side and carry on our way.

It’s been a great day and arriving at the theatre with fifteen minutes to spare was rewarded with a whiskey and a beer! London is still not my kind’ve place but that’s cool. We go to John’s tomorrow and I’m looking forward to meeting his family before we go to Wales for four nights.

Talk soon!

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3 Responses to Saturday 26th July-We duck and dive to the West End

  1. Amy says:

    I used to live just beside tower bridge at st katherines docks! You can kindve see behind it. I used to have to wind my way through thongs of tourists to get to the tube to get to work and would almost break an ankle trying to go for runs around there on the stupid cobbles!

    • figsforfree says:

      Funny. We went down there and I thought how quaint. These beautiful old cobbled streets, and people live here! Walked along the docks. You’ll enjoy showing the girls when they’re ‘know it all’ young adults around here one weekend in the future Amy!

  2. renanopolis says:

    I flew into London after 9 months in Asia and THAT was a culture shock, everyone (mostly) could speak English, I just blended into the crowd, people were dressed up and made up and I was wearing the same old hand washed comfy pants I’d been wearing for months – like a pregnant lady! I felt so out of place, maybe for a week? Being in a shopping mall was WEIRD. I felt nervous and strange and I couldn’t blog with all the English around! But one day I went into the (national?) art gallery in the background of your Trafalgar Square photo and it was lovely. It all clicked back into place! Glad to hear it’s gotten better x

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