Friday 25th July- Quick Tour of London

Weather still hot and gorgeous this morning but about mid day the temperature took a welcome dive, along with thunder and lightening. We had got on a hop on hop off bus this morning thinking it would be an easy way to see it all now we had reduced our stay to just three days. I hoped we wouldn’t be disappointed and while you can’t judge a place too much from a one day stay, I’m not sure this is a place for me. There are ssoooo many people and so much noise.
These are the tourist stops obviously so bound to be crazy but this is the Buckingham Palace stop.

We never got off…and next is some other place. Maybe Westminster Abbey?

We got off here though…China Town where the smell of steamed buns hit me immediately.

Took awhile to find them but that restored us and we wandered for a while here before it suddenly started to rain. Back on the bus and then we got off at Coventry Gardens. Had no idea what this was actually but turned out to be an entertaining couple of hours with lots of performers. Would have been more fun except I kept losing Gilbert and amongst a million others, I didn’t fancy us being separated.

The noise is exhausting. Jackhammers, trains above on spaghetti tracks, emergency sirens. People noise. Everywhere. For the whole day, it’s been phenomenal. Everything seems to be expensive but we are right in the centre and I guess if you lived here you’d sort out better places. The place we are staying at is an old refectory and is quite a lovely place right in the middle of a whole lot of high rises with a garden behind and a huge park so feels like an oasis in the middle of kaos and just a ten minute walk to London Bridge.

Talk soon!

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2 Responses to Friday 25th July- Quick Tour of London

  1. Hi Aunty Trish
    Yeah, I felt a bit overwhelmed the first time I went to London. I think it was the in-your-face history …here were all these gigantic, imposing centres of power – the Parliament Buildings (pictured in your photo), London Tower and Bridge, Buckingham Palace – and all that they signified and plenty of people (especially men) hurrying around in business suits. The traffic upon first encounter was hideous too. When Brodie and I went there this time though, I dug it way more. We went to some great galleries and museums and saw two excellent plays. Go to some if you get the chance! I am still INCREDIBLY jealous of your trip. Wish we were there too! You’ve got so more ahead of you too!
    Look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Love Mei

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