Thursday 24th July- we hit London

Or maybe London hit us? We left gentle, sleepy, pretty Cambridge after a look around this morning and a delightfully slow languorous river punt where the history is told as we pass places of interest. I really enjoyed the pace and the stories.

Check out that cloudless sky. The weather is getting hotter the further South we go and today I’m wondering if I might burn.

The bridge of sighs mimicking the one in Venice? I’ll let you know in a few more weeks!
We return the car which has been fantastic and manage the train station. Our BnB host shows us how to buy train tickets on the net that cost us £6 each instead of the £30 we were about to pay. This is a BIG advantage in staying with locals. Unfortunately our train, along with a few others, have been delayed due to air con problems with the heat we have here. Leaving late puts us into London Central at almost peak. Getting off the train, buying an Oyster card, making our way to the underground with a million other people. I just have three words. Oh My God!

I guess this is like Hong Kong. Can’t remember but the heat as we head further and further down into the underground is horrendous. Getting the first stage we work out OK but not sure where we should be for the next stage left me feeling quite stressed and like I was suffocating. I was trying to control the rising panic, though Gilbert had a grin like he was enjoying the challenge. We ventured further down until we finally found a sign to Borough. Got that tube and made our way up again. I read in the paper I grabbed on the way out that there has been a lot of concern over the heat and humidity in the buses, trains and tubes. In some cases temperatures reaching 35 with 45% humidity. I can vouch for that!

We settle ourselves in what seems to be quite a nice and definitely central BnB and take a wander after a coffee and a little lie down. Once again I will say it- Oh My God! So many people! The bars are packed so full there’s 50 or 60 people OUTSIDE each bar, all drinking on the footpath. It’s exciting and mind boggling all at the same time. We grab some dinner and start to make a plan for tomorrow. No wifi so don’t worry if you miss me for a day or two. I’ll still be here!

Talk soon!

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