Angelsea Abbey

Was built in about the 12th century and like most in that time was confiscated and lived a series of lives before being bought and renovated by the son of a wealthy American oil family. He was well known for his generous hosting of shooting weekends and dinner parties in the 20s and 30s and the Abbey was renovated with dressing rooms and ensuites on each of the many bedrooms to cater for this. It was a bit of a time warp with the mod cons and luxuries of the time.

What does a super wealthy gentleman of the day do? Well he oversees the garden designs, adds extensions on to house his ever expanding collections and sometimes he sends whole collections of books off to be rebound in leather with his crest on.

Of course! The home looked very easy to live in. It seemed like he’d just stepped out to the garden and might appear at any minute. Everything seemed very lived in and comfortable rather than a museum piece. I loved this home actually. Perhaps more than most of the others we had seen. Lord Fairhaven handed it over at his death in 1966 on the condition that it is unchanged. Oookkkkaayyy,..
Beautiful gardens again and a working mill that sells it’s flour. The national trust do a fantastic job of bringing a place to life and the gardens have many different activities to do and explore from secret gardens, children’s activities or just plain walks. I didn’t see enough of this place but we had to go. Today had real purpose in fact. We had someone special to meet for dinner…

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