Tuesday 21st July-Mr Straws house

When I saw the title ‘Mr Straws house’ I was pretty intrigued. It was on the way down to Cambridge so on we went and it didn’t disappoint. Mr Straw left his home’s contents to National Trust but they went on and purchased the building in its entirety. As they said the items told a greater story as a group then the items individually. Just check out that blue blue sky will ya!

The home was bought by the Straw family in 1920-renovated in 1923 from tip to toe and soon after Father died. Mother went into great mourning and asked her two boys that nothing be moved of the Fathers. After Mother died the boys then shut up her bedroom and parlour in her memory and the two boys lived on there making virtually no changes. The boys never married and although the last brother died in 1984 the house still had no TV or radio etc, so it was like a time capsule from the 1920s. They then decided to buy the house next door to use as a reception and display area and so Mr Straw’s house is exactly as it was when he last walked out, and in fact when each of his family members left also!

They were keen gardeners too and the glasshouse has been rebuilt from photos. Some of the cacti collection are thirty or more years old or pups from the original plants.

I loved the normality of this house and quite a beautiful story. I guess had Mr Straw had a wife it would be a different story again!

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One Response to Tuesday 21st July-Mr Straws house

  1. Graham says:

    wonderful story that no doubt T
    continue to make these beautiful discoveries alright
    seems you’ve struck the most beautiful weather alright, as you said,ironically when i traveled the UK it was also the best Summer they had had, for 70 odd years or such

    Aroha both

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