No purpose

It’s a strange thing to have no purpose. All our adult lives, well most people I guess, are driven by purpose. We need to get up to get certain things done by a certain time. When you have young children there’s so much to pack in you feel like you’ll never get it all done. When you have a job there’s certain expectations.

Get the washing out early so it has the whole day to dry. Get it in before it gets damp. Get the garlic in by July or it won’t be mature by January. Funny how you can have months to get organised, keep thinking about it and I still would forget till August and it would be too late!

And yet I’d sometimes find myself day dreamingly wandering around the garden and delighting in the wisterias new buds or tsk tsk at the way the weeds had gotten away down the back before I’d feel a few spits and run back up to grab the last bit of washing in. Easily distracted I suppose.

Here, there seems no purpose. We get up and breakfast at leisure around eight. Squeeze our bags shut with the few meagre items that travel with us and wander off by ten. It feels terribly lazy. I get excited at the places we see when we get there but by and large there’s not a great deal of purpose. We are only five weeks in to five months travel. I need more purpose. I have an idea and will mull that over for a bit.

We had spent a couple of hours organising our next few nights accommodation. So many places are booked up. “Are you following the ‘Tour de France?” our BnB host asks us. “No”, I reply. Funnily enough I’ve just finished reading Lance Armstrong’s book and perhaps wrongly thought it was only in France? No, it appears we are following the trail. Great. No wonder so many places are booked up. We thought it was just the other 54 things that are on right now! Oh well. That is summer in a place millions call home let alone tourists. It has been the best time to travel weather wise certainly or have we just been lucky? It certainly wouldn’t have been as easy or pleasant if it rained everyday like some tell us their trip to UK has been.

Suddenly today I remembered my exercises. Gilbert’s done his diligently every second morning or so while I read another chapter or wrote my blog. Hmm, I could only remember the first thing. 50 star jumps. The rest is a blur of movement. I write to the kids to send me the list. Perhaps that can be part of my daily purpose though let’s be clear this is not a passion!

Tonight at our Cambridge BnB the room is large and well carpeted and the floor doesn’t even creak so I’m pretty sure she won’t even hear me. I thump around for a bit and then head downstairs all flushed to find Fern in the kitchen. I explain to her, who might weigh 45 kilos if she was lucky, that I was exercising in case she heard me. She laughed and said she had wondered what was going on up there. Haha!

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4 Responses to No purpose

  1. renanopolis says:

    Know exactly what you mean! But it probably didn’t kick in for until about 6 months of travel haha.

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