Jousting, Jesting and shooting bows and arrows-whatever that’s called?

I thought we had long passed Sherwood Forest and when I saw the sign was so happy we could go there. Our BnB host told us she thought there was a tree there but…. yeahhhh, not sure if it’s one that was there in Robin Hoods time? “Is he even real?” Gilbert asked me. I didn’t care. Sherwood Forest was, so I kind’ve wanted to believe the character that was a part of our childhood, and in fact seeing as he was expected to have been around in about the 12th century, he was in most everyone else’s childhood too I’d imagine.

This tree is around 1000 years old so possible it was there then too, tho of course not the mighty oak it is today. “If trees could talk” Gilbert mused as we stood and took in its huge size. Sherwood Forest is MASSIVE at a fifth of Nottinghamshire, and as the main route to the North, was a well traveled path. Just as the story goes the lands were confiscated from the monasteries of the day by the king who put the sheriff of Nottingham in place to guard the bounty he drew from it. The deer and fruits and trees that had been utilised by the locals who surrounded these areas, were now off limits. and we all know how the story goes… Robin stole from the rich to give to the poor. He made an ass out of the Sheriff, outwitting him time after time with his band of merry men. We saw the church where he is supposed to have married maid Marion. And the place is marked where he was buried tho I never saw that…I forgot to ask if they had any children!

The park is now used by hundreds, walking dogs and biking and running past as we walked. They were getting ready for next weekends festival. Jousting, jesting and all the things that go with medieval times. It will be a fun and colourful affair I have no doubt. We sat and watched people practising bow and arrow shooting. Fun times!

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