Pay it forward

We stayed last night in Rotherham and looking for a place to walk around find ourselves in a old walled garden that used to belong to a country manor that’s now council offices. With the town grown up around it and the huge park area now council run, the walled garden has been given to a community group to manage. A lovely group are here today working and I’m immediately offered a bunch of sweet peas and a cup of tea. We chat while she’s picking the flowers.

Note the large bug hotel that was built in a children’s workshop. Here they have an orchard, a huge vegetable garden, herbs, several propagating glasshouses and everything in between. It’s at least an acre. It came to them in a derelict state after been locked up for many years so it’s been a massive job to get back into order and keep tidy with no funding and relying on volunteers. They get many helpers come and go. Young ones learning about growing vegetables, lonely people needing company and others needing solace. Then there’s a play group once a week and tea parties and workshops regularly, so it fills many purposes indeed. What a wonderful asset in the middle of the town.

We continue to walk around the park. Lots of Mums and preschoolers in the huge playground. Nanas and grandchildren. Others walking dogs. Every kind of dog imaginable. I’m wondering if I might start photographing dogs I’ve seen. That could be a whole blog on its own. ‘Dogs and their Masters’ …that could be pretty funny. It doesn’t matter where you are there are always dogs being walked. Here’s Desmond the Bassett hound. He’s frightened of his own shadow apparently. I thought he might’ve been some sort of breeding experiment when I first saw him but no… That’s a pretty weird looking dog.

And here’s Mya. She’s ‘free’ and I gave her my bunch of sweet peas much to her delight.

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One Response to Pay it forward

  1. renanopolis says:

    So cool. That kid needs to be eaten!!!

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